Thursday, July 22, 2010


So tonight, I'm kicking these off my feet and we're heading out to see The Pimps of Joytime at DC9. Which, in addition to perhaps being the greatest named band of all time, is also just about the most funkalicious.

We found them in the middle of Snowmageddon, when our killer band we hired from Austin to play for an amazing launch party on our client's rooftop had to cancel once all their flights were cancelled (as well as everyone else's everywhere). In the absolute chaos leading up to that night (I was snowed in at our client hotel for two days: Eloise, plus Dark & Stormies), we came across these guys, and I danced around my room for two days of pure glee (plus Dark & Stormies). They couldn't make it either in the snow. But someday I will hire them to play just for me, perhaps for my birthday. Love.

So anyway. Go. Tickets are $10, I think $12 at the door.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art Worth Dusting For

My office is covered in R. Nichols artwork. At our entrance is a 55" canvas called "Shopper"; my personal office has two of his signed DC pieces; my birthday invites are always R. Nichols. I even cook from The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook.* The fact that he's one of my BFFs does not take away from the fact that he is the coolest, most fashionable, most fantastic artist ever. Just ask the stationery people at Neiman Marcus, where I've seen normally genteel women in near fisticuffs over them (nevermind the time I nearly came to blows with a rather famous DC socialite over a few of his works. Preeeety sure she still hates me to this day for it. Awes).

So next week, on July 28, when Nick's original artworks go on sale here at noon sharp, I suggest you get there at 12:00:01, lest your favorite piece be gone (such as his special DC piece--he's based out of L.A. now, but grew up here). And trust me, go it will.

Here's your special sneak peek:

*And fine, that's a lie of fair proportions. It does look lovely on my cookbook shelf, however, next to Be My Guest, The I'll Take Manhattan JL Cookbook, RSVP and, of course, Silver Palette. All equally beautiful, all equally dusty. Not unlike this blog.