Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Christmas List: R. Nichols New Prints

Seriously. Search this blog for "R. Nichols" and you'll get approximately 1 bajillion listings on the fabulously fashionable stationer. I am obsessed. Because he's witty and ridiculously talented and always has the perfect card (or luggage tag or mug or magnet) for every occasion, and also because he's kind and hilarious and wonderful and includes lollipops with purchase.

But for Cyber Monday, he's upgrading his gifts with purchase a bit: you get a free 11" x 14" print with any $100 purchase.

I'm getting this one:Because I'm easily dropping $100 on his D.C. Holiday card collection.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Christmas List: Walter Isaacson/Steve Jobs

One of the things that is uniquely Washington: our huge love for book parties. Political, Chick-Lit, Historical: it matters not. We (royal, city-wide we) love a signed book on our shelves. My treasured signed books include Tom Wolfe, Candace Bushnell, Jill Kargman (complete with a dedication to my sister and I!) and Zadie Smith, who signed my dog-eared, much-read and loved copy of White Teeth with the inscription "Stop reading books in the bath."

So, chances are, you were going to buy a copy of Steve Jobs for somebody. Father, brother, self, techie aunt. But on Sunday, Walter Isaacson will be at Barnes & Noble Georgetown starting at 4pm signing copies, making you the coolest person to the above-mentioned list this holiday.See you there--I'll be the one the the gigantic stack.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Christmas List: H.Bloom

They are a client. But I am totally obsessed.
When we first met with H.Bloom, the (surprisingly affordable) floral subscription delivery service, they explained that part of their target market is people who love flowers, who buy flowers every week at the grocery store, and are never quite satisfied with their purchase. In other words: me.

The difference between H.Bloom and said cellophaned flowers sitting next to the produce in those sad buckets: HUGE. Their Arrange Your Own collection ($29--INCLUDING DELIVERY) includes varietals that you'll never find on your own, and is enough for about 2-1/2 arrangements. And there are weekly online videos to teach you how to make them look amazing.

Their Classic ($35), Contemporary ($48) and Exotic ($65) arrangements are beyond beautiful (there are others; those are just my favorites).

So for Christmas, I think my gift for myself is going to be an Arrange Your Own subscription every two weeks, and then a Contemporary subscription in alternating two week increments. I'll look like a genius, old-money hostess. You'll be jealous. End scene.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Christmas List: McQueen at The Met

The best gift I gave to myself this year was a day off to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Met. It was a glorious New York summer day; it was the first time in a long time that art has brought me to tears.

Meanwhile, two women in our office with apparently MUCH better karma headed up the final Saturday of the exhibit, and while buying the exhibit book were asked, "Are you going to the book signing?". They followed the pointed finger of the docent which led them to a private, 300-person signing with Anna Wintour and exhibit curator Andrew Bolton. So lucky. So jealous.

ANYHOO, the greatest under $20 gift you can give to the fashion lover in your life: the McQueen at the Met 2012 Wall Calendar.

$16.95 plus shipping ($15.25 for MET members), with 25% off if you buy a second.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Christmas List: Lady Gaga at Barneys New York

There are so many very fantabulous things for the holidays this year, some client-related, some not, so what the hell, thought I'd post them here.

First up: Gaga's Workshop Stiletto Stocking from Barneys New York:

There have been 12 days of Gaga online at leading up to their huge Gaga holiday rollout on the 5th floor of the store (she'll be at the store-on 60th between Mad & 5th-tomorrow night to open up the workshop); this is definitely the best gift in the lot. I got mine yesterday: it's vinyl but is quite awesome, and 25% of the proceeds benefit her anti-bullying charity. $65 with free shipping and giftwrap.