Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vewy Vewy Sweepy

You know you're tired when your friend emails you and says "Loved your outfit last night!" and you stop, and think, and stop, and think, and--blank. You have no idea what you were wearing. Very tired indeed.

But it was a great time--so many fun people, so many martinis. And vintage couture to die for. My friends won the Vogue book in the LFL/SFC raffle--trying very hard not to be jealous. Very hard.

Stopping by the OnLokation event tonight en route to the Cap File Anniversary party--see you there!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ponds of All Sizes

On yet another beautiful day (does the god of weather not realize that it's basically December?), I found myself sitting outside at a Starbucks with Alison Lukes, up from her new homestead down south for our event tomorrow. Since this is a site that toils in vapidity, the following phrase will not seem completely out of place: should you ever have need for a stylist, she should be your very first call, darling (okay, the darling for emphasis may be a bit much). She singularly made the term "stylist" a bona fide Washington occupation--and she's still the best there is.

My husband bought me a few hours of her styling services two Christmases ago, and I swear to you she changed my closet forever. Got me over my fear of Intermix (maybe it's just me, but that place, with its completely packed, unmerchandised racks and plethora of tiny gorgeous 20-year old salespeeps in dresses doooowwwntothere has always been just a wee bit intimidating, even when I had my now expired 20% discount card), pulled together three outfits from my closet that I never even realized I had that are still wardrobe mainstays, and it was a fabulous time to boot. She still comes up here often, so call her.

Anyway, sipping our coffees, enjoying the day, we got to talking about ponds: she's now in a small one, and she's more of a small fish/big pond kind of gal (and she worked for Michael Kors and Celine in both NYC and Paris, so she knows from big ponds); I always found myself to be a big fish/really small ponder (as opposed to my sister, who is the rare big fish/big pond. More on her...someday). But the more I work in Washington, and I guess the more comfortable I get in my surroundings, the more I realize how manageable a city it really is. I'm convinced the total population of Washington rests somewhere around 400, of which I know 100 (okay, 50), and recognize another 100. So I'm not sure if my pond preference is changing or Washington is just a really, really small town--or maybe it's somewhere in the middle. Either way, it's cool.

Update on tomorrow: when you buy a raffle ticket--prizes are a Jaanu diamond pendant and a copy of the humongo coffee table book In Vogue, signed by the author (thanks Vogue!)--you'll also receive a coupon for 20% off of any one Alex item, which you can use right on the spot. See you there--I'll be there with "Pam" as I've named her, the bigger-than-a-Vogue-coffeetable-book zit that decided to celebrate the day with me by making an appearance right between my eyes. Yes, I'm a cyclops. Good times. Good times, indeed.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

End of an Era (or at least of Thanksgiving Weekend)

Went to the christening of my friend's son in Georgetown today--what a perfect day to be out and about. It was held at Holy Trinity, and, due to the fact that I'm a directional idiot, I thought it was at the wrong church (Christ Church) on the other side of Wisconsin. We figured out the error of our ways, booked down O Street, and flew into the church just as our little baby was being christened, and it was the tears-in-the-eyes-lump-in-the-throat kind of moving that only happens when you go to church like once a year.

My friend L, perhaps the nicest person I have ever met, adopted two sweet as a button babes from Korea. Just as the second one (he of the christening) was arriving, she found out she was pregnant. With twins. So whenever I'm really stressed, my mind goes to her and all of a sudden my life doesn't seem hectic at all. She's due in March (well, April, but it is twins) and she looks just beautiful.

Afterward, my BFF and I headed down the Exorcist stairs (never been!), up M and over to Kafe Leopold's for a drink--same great food, same crapola service. I just don't quite get that. But it was lovely sitting at our little table, devising our next career moves, our next life moves, and better still, my birthday dinner. Cannot wait for that.

Then we headed back for the post-christening party, where my 2 year old managed to scope out the beautiful 16-year old girl in the crowd and proceeded to flirt with her for the rest of the evening. His pops was rather proud. I just saw the future--my son at sixteen himself, maybe getting his heart broken, definitely not needing his mommy, and well, certainly not showing his adoration for the women in the room by singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, only to interrupt himself by announcing loudly "I'm PEEEEEING."

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Most Fantabulous Event of the Year...

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving!

And now that the traffic has died down...

So, here's the deal:
The event features an incredible high-end vintage dealer (on top of Alex's fabulous wares), as well as stylists and ateliers--all of which will help you sort through the collections, piece both the new and the vintage together to create your incredible holiday outfit, and then customize it if you wish.

The raffle is for both a Jaanu diamond pendant, and a signed copy of In Vogue, The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine, with proceeds benefiting Labels for Love and Suited for Change. There will also be select vintage items where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Suited for Change. I picked them out myself so I know they're fabulous!

And then, if you spend $400 or more, you'll receive a fashion sketch of you in your new frocks, created by an incredible local designer.

The event is invitation only, but email me and if there's room, I'll be happy to put you on the list (I'll email you to confirm).


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Donovan's Last Name

Today was one of those days that other people have. Definitely not me. Well, except for today.

Met my friend M2 at T Street Flats to scout for a potential celebrity event that I have on the docket for two weeks from now. SO not ready to host a celebrity event. I'm not sure it's ready to hold much of anything. So that plan scratched. Bummer. Then headed off to lunch at 2 Amys, where I was introducing M2, who is the granddaughter of a rather legendary celebrity, to my BFF, a seriously brilliant film producer. They hit it off smashingly and started fleshing out a pretty huge project. So I was a dealmakah. Oh, and a wino, as we polished off a quick bottle before the clock hit 1.

I was driving down Massachusetts soon thereafter and I looked to my left to see a cop completely stopping all traffic. Then another cop, on a motorcycle. Then another. I was right near the Naval Observatory and realized that it was probably Dick Cheney. So, feeling emboldened by both my genius dealmaking skills and the wine, I rolled down the window, stuck out my head, and did the ol' rub the eye with the middle finger just as the limo crossed my path. Yes, wimpy compared to the alternative of sticking my whole arm out and yelling obscenities. But then again, I've lived to tell the tale.

Next, off to Milano for another meeting. M2 called and was stuck in traffic, so we decided to meet there for a drink prior. I walk in and she's already there, at a table with Chris Murray of Govinda Gallery, Nina, her trainer, and Donovan. When he introduced himself as Donovan, she said, "I'm sorry, what is your last name?". But he was polite as can be, just lovely. Chris was telling us about his new Elvis photography book, which sounds just amazing.

Meeting afterward also went well, also took place over wine, and we scripted out a gimongous DC event for next year, planning to begin in earnest.

I've been blessed with many things over my life: my incredible husband, my beautiful son, a great family, really, a perfectly fabulous life. But there's something abrewin'--where friends, ideas, and connections are all starting to come together. So for this Thanksgiving, I'm so very thankful for what I have, and so excited for what is to come.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Okay, so in my head it rhymed.

..or maybe it didn't. In fact, there's no way it possibly could, but it started out that way. So anyway, too bad, here goes.

On my Thirty-Somethingth Birthday
Good luck gave to me:

Three College Roommates
Two Fellow Deadheads
Three former employees
(One with a secret boyfriend!)
One WP Date Lab Victim
Two friends from Newton
Three gorgeous preggers
One Eventual Business Partner
My BFF Creative Director
One Fantastic Writer
Two Best Dressed DC Women
Two Event Geniuses
Two Annapolisians
One Newlywed
And a publisher who will NEVER leave DC
(leave Dee Ceeeee).

Anyway, to those above: sorry this has been such a hectic year. So hectic, in fact, that God only knows when invites will go out. And so hectic that it's been a while since I've seen a bunch of you. And I miss you. So to celebrate my birthday, I'm cooking you all dinner, next Friday, at Erin's, in Bethesda (sorry, aforementioned publisher). Details to follow, hopefully tomorrow, via mail.


This is not the public event I was going to post tonight--still waiting on the graphic for that one.

Behold the Power that is Wonkette

Nothing even remotely insightful to say about it, so we'll just go with this:

Holy Crap (and thank you).

Recap, Upcoming and a Sighting

The Gore party: no Al, no Tipper, not a Schiff to be found. But our source did end up fleshing out a film concept with Mr. Vidal himself for a good part of the night... at Muleh: much like Artefacto, Christopher at Muleh has done a great job of marketing his store as a scene first, then a retail space second (which drives people in greater droves to the cash register). Everything was cleared from the space for the event, and everyone who is everyone was there...

...Saturday, Lucy Liu was over at Kafe Leopold's for lunch. She is dating East Banc heir Phillip, and is in town for a project she's doing for her production company.

Upcoming: big event news to be posted today. Invites have already mailed. So for those of you (and you know who you are) on the list, I'll just sit here and wait for the accolades to pour in--they are FABULOUS, yes?

Friday, November 17, 2006

And tonight, for the Uber-Connected... the super-duper-double-secret-probation-extra-high-security private party for fifty celebrating Gore Vidal and his new memoir, Point to Point Navigation. It is said that Gores are coming from near and far, and that a Clinton, maybe two, will be making an appearance...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

An Agenda and a Tip...

Today: The Pearl Lady and her last DC event of the year. The official Mistress of Mayhem, the Pearl Lady flies over twice a year from China with her chests of baubles in tow. If you're on the list, you get fabulous pearls at super cutrate prices. It's a cuthroat Capitol Hill Cluster--this according to the fabulous M.

Tomorrow: Intermix. Do you have your donatable warm clothes ready? The gift bags are DIVINE, the causes (Labels for Love to benefit Bethany House) so very worthy, the discount (15%) fabulous. My VIP card expired in September and life hasn't been the same since (What do you MEAN people pay retail for Kooba???)--this is almost as good (and after a few Snow Queen cocktails, it will seem even better...).

Also, the uber-vip premiere of Bobby at the Goethe-Institut, hosted by Juleanna Glover Weiss. Reviews have been tepid, but I'm sure the crowd will be top-notch.

This weekend: Anniversary party for T.H.E. at Muleh. By far the only real modeling agency in town (and even still, I've hired a few of their models for events that claimed to be 6'2" on their sheets, only to be 5'8" in person. On tippytoes.). T.H.E. is 20, which means that it's all downhill for them. The invitation is a T.H.E. t-shirt, which you have to wear to get in. So you can start calling in your favors now.

And then...the first of two events that I've been dying to drop: the most fabulous boutique event of the year takes place on 11/29. Invite only, but it's going to leak here first...


Photo by Francis Koh, Saks Wild About Beauty Event 2006.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Just a friendly reminder...

About Thursday's fabulousness!

See you there!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Goodbye, DC Style!

I had heard from an inner source last week that some big changes were happening at DC Style--but I didn't think they would be shuttering altogether, at least not yet. It was only a matter of time before one of the three new pubs folded, but it doesn't make it any less of a bummer.

All three pubs serve three different constituencies, in my opinion, but unfortunately, they're all pulling from the same advertising pool--and there are only so many of those dollars to go around.

DC Style's editorial had gotten better and better with each passing month, and their team was awesome. Young and enthusiastic all, with some really talented writers on staff. I wish them all the absolute best.

If they're serious about going to an all-online format, which is a real need here in DC, they need to get their act together a bit. My recommendations:
-Blog: keep it the same, just make it a bit easier to pitch stories. They can kind of fall into a black hole.
-Party pictures: follow the Patrick McMullen model, and get them up that day, or the day after, tops. With names and an event write up. Traffic will go through the roof. Alter the format of that section so that it takes less time to load.
-Gossip: get some--now. Steal the fabulous Yays and Nays guys (if they're serious about making this site truly relevant, they're going to have to invest), or get their own writers, but have a great daily gossip column.
-Area listings (restaurants, spas, et al): make them comprehensive, with a great search engine, then make the featured listings the paid model. With increased traffic, this would work.
-Be aggressive. Don't pull out of the events forum completely--stay out there. Host a killer launch party. Do monthly in-depth features, and still go after the big stories.
-Steal the Washington Life calendar concept, where it's easy to list your own event--go for a comprehensive calendar to increase your traffic and advertising dollars.
-Invest in database marketing: figure out who in the hell is coming to the site, why, what's relevant to them, and then steer your advertising dollars that way. For the love, I can't believe that this isn't done.

Do that and you'll have the entire city clicking on every day, guaranteed.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


...true, pure, talent. That's Abby Greenawalt and her amazing photographic skills. Her show opens tonight.

6-9 pm
705 Eighth Street, SE

Friday, November 10, 2006

Coquettish Fetish

I'm feeling a wee bit French today.

First of all, and granted, I'm stealing this right from DC Celine, but I clicked onto La Coquette a few weeks ago, and I'm hooked. She's an American who lives in the Latin Quarter, and she's a great writer. And I'm jealous.

Second, I'm usually not a fan of businesses throwing launches without leaving it to the professionals, but I have to say, the launch at Salon One80 tonight was very well done. Good food, good flow for a small salon, right down to the suave Frenchman pouring my champagne. They're great with the hair, too. They probably could have done more attendance outreach, but besides that, well done.

And crap, I just realized that I forgot to snag a Phyto goodie bag.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bag Shopping

If you didn't make it to the Socoley Trunk Show at Alex last night, you may want to stop by to see what selection they have left--their bags are perfection (see this bag as Exhibit A).

And you're looking for a bargain, hit The Purse Store online between now and Monday and use code Sale30 to receive 30% off of their non-sale items, including Barbara Bui, Carlos Falchi and lots more.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Couture Shopping!

I have a friend who is just WAY cooler than me (than I? See, I'm so uncool, I don't even know that). I saw her while shopping at Barneys this fall--I was all excited about my fairly cheap Zachary's Smile dress that is sososo very cool, but quite frankly, looks like complete crap on me because I'm not 5'8" without heels and boobieless, which is just what his line is made for. Anyway, she--and she's not a braggart at all, by the way--in conversation mentioned that she had just bought a coat at MaxMara in Paris, but it was cheaper here, if only she had known, but she loves it and...(this is where I tuned her out a bit because I just felt. so. uncool). Because of course she was just in Paris. She was there for the shows, no less. Because she's that much cooler than me/I.

The point of this blather is that this weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, you, too, can be more fabulous that me/I AND help one of DC's best charities to boot, Suited for Change. Bring in any gently used, interview-worthy suit* to MaxMara at either the CC Collections or Tysons' Galleria and you'll receive 25% off of any MaxMara coat. This is the only in-season discount they're offering this year, so go, shop, be fabulous.

*Of note: about 85% of clients that come in to Suited for Change are size 16 and larger, about 10% are size 2 or smaller, and 5% encompass all other sizes. So, two things: 1.) it only costs $49 for SFC to order a custom-made plus-sized suit, thanks to a brilliant arrangment they've struck up with some NY manufacturers, so if you're ever feeling generous, donate what you can. 2.) if you have any size 16 or above, or size 2 or below suits, or can get a hold of any, they will be put to incredible use, helping a DC-area woman move from poverty to the workforce!

Baby Shopping!

Dawn Price Baby is having a Mom's Night Out Holiday Shopping Spree offering 15% off of all purchases:

Wednesday, November 15, 6-9 pm
Dawn Price Baby
325 Seventh Street, SE
Rsvp: 202.543.2920,

I have three close friends all due this winter--plus one due with twins(!), so I'm thinking that this one night out will save me, oh, a kajillion dollars, give or take a few.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What the Dems Giveth, the Dems Taketh Away

So Friday, babysitter secured, we headed off to the DC premiere of Fast Food Nation. Special guests were the author of the book, Eric Schlosser, the director, Richard Linklater, plus Wilmer Valderrama and, crap, another actor whose name escapes me.

On my way back from Chicago the night before, I passed a McDonalds in the airport and succumbed to a little McNugget and fry action. Good thing, because I'll probably never eat fast food again. So there's that.

The movie: all star cast. It also features Bruce Willis, Greg Kinnear, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Kris Kristofferson (perhaps the coolest man alive now that Hunter Thompson and Johnny Cash are gone). The theme: I get it. We all got it. Fast food = bad. The writing: I guess "obvious" would be the best word. They seemed to be too driven by the cause to focus on crafting and editing a good story--which, ironically, would probably have gotten their point across much better.

The afterparty, however, restored my faith in one thing: the eye job. Nancy Pelosi's eye job, to be exact. It is SO MUCH better in person than it has ever appeared on camera. And since that's the case, and since she is so often pegged as shrill, then why does she not invest in a good media coach to learn how to deshrillify and not look like she's incredibly surprised at all times? Seriously. I'm glad I got to see her work up close and personal. But there are millions of voters out there who won't ever get that chance. Help them help you, Ms. Pelosi.*

Other moments of note: Agraria: top notch. The crowd: it was another Fox party, so it was their group, plus a lot of staff from the GW H&HS Department (their dean led the Q&A post-film), so it was a bit odd. Wilmer Valderrama beelined to his VIP table with two humongous bouncers in tow, so nothing to report, save for his speech at the movie was charming. Oh yeah, and me, ol' drunkeepants. Too much wine, too little food: never ever a good combo.

*And speaking of press for the Dems, wtf Kerry? Who does his press? Why have they not been flogged, tarred, feathered, and left on the side of a potholed section of the PA Turnpike? How could he not have learned a damn thing since his last go round? "Botched joke"?? What press person in their right mind allows their client to utter those two words when talking about troops?? Offense, people, offense. He could have actually taken the bull by the horns, and used the moment to clarify his position. But noooo, because that would require some strategic thought, which for some reason, the Democrats are simply incapable of. And then Harold Ford turns into Barney Fife, "well, dumdedoh, I think he should apologize." Again, another chance for the Dems to step up, get their argument together, stand together, and go in for the kill. Idiots. I won't say that Rove is right--he's probably just lowering the bar so that they can claim some small victory a la Bush debates, but after this late performance the Dems don't deserve a clear win.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Labels for Love Shops Intermix!

From the women that brought you the District Sample Sale comes the 2006 Intermix Shopping Event to benefit Bethany House!

See and be seen while you receive 15% off your purchases all night long, enjoy Snow Queen Vodka cocktails and fabulous hors d'oeuvres by Cafe Bonaparte (and don't forget your fabulous goodie bag!).

Your price of admission: your rsvp, plus one piece of new or gently used warm winter women's clothing for the women of Bethany House, a shelter which provides temporary housing for abused spouses and their children.

Date: Thursday, November 16, from 6-8 p.m.
Location: Intermix, 3222 M Street NW, Georgetown
Attire: Fabulous
Ticket Price: Free (plus your clothing donation. Make it a good one!). However, you must rsvp in advance to

See you there!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Not A Knockout

So about tomorrow:
DC Mag and Tiny Little Jewel Box are staging an event.
Muleh is hosting a shopping event offering 25% off of their wares.
The NMWA benefit is tomorrow, too.

But--People. This simply will not work. It's KOA, kids, and you've got no shot.

Event Planning Rule #2 (I give it secondary status only because I'm pretty sure I've decreed an EP Rule #1 somewhere on this blog at some point): Don't go up against a giant, especially one on the upswing.

KOA is the Black & White Ball*. It's the pissing match to end all pissing matches--Urineapulooza, but instead of a mosh pit, it's 700 women in upscale ready-to-wear (and not a small amount of couture) fighting to the death for a drink at the bar and the ability to claim highest bidder status (although I've heard the goodie bags have seen better days). One cannot eschew the KOA and go elsewhere--one must be out of town and out of sight.

And that is why, my friends, I'm glad to be freezing my tail off once again in downtown Chicago this week.

But I'll be back in time to head to the Fast Food Nation premiere on Friday, and will do my best to have a Wilmer Valderrama sighting and report for the weekend.

*And not the one at Palomar on Saturday: the actual, Kay Graham with hair by Kenneth, "No, I had to go overseas," yapping crazy Capote, Black & White Ball.