Thursday, March 29, 2007


I was just in North Carolina for a spell--High Point market was staging, and I was there for a client. It's amazing how the city is just packed during the mart, and then it goes back to being a Scooby Doo episode-like ghost town the moment it's over.

I walked almost the whole mart, and with the exception of Victoria and Richard (was SO excited to spend time with them--they are a TOTAL creative inspiration to me, have been for years)*, Willem Smith and an Italian house whose name I cannot recall, it was a whole lot of the same. Plus Hall and Oates.

Lots of events in the past few weeks, including the inaugural charity event at Apres Peau for Innocents at Risk, Hoop Dreams (although I just realized that that was a month ago!), Chefs by the Bay in Annapolis, and a BUNCH of really fun things upcoming, some which I'm not yet at liberty to disclose.

One quick one, though, is my friend Jill Kargman, whose newest novel, Momzillas, launches April 10. She'll be here for a fab event May 1--look for your invite soon! If you're not familiar with her name, you'll probably be familiar with her earlier works, The Right Address and Wolves in Chic Clothing. And you'll definitely be familiar with her lineage--her parents are Arie and Coco Kopelman--yes, her pops is the former CEO of Chanel. And she rocks. She's already referring to her event here as "The DC Rager." Cannot wait! The novel is phenomenal, especially the glossary of terms that opens the book. Preorder it here.

More event info coming soon!

*Story behind that: so I was window shopping down Madison Avenue when I was a REALLY poor scrapper, and stumbled across MacKenzie Childs, Victoria and Richard's first company, and totally fell in love. I started saving my pennies and buying pieces one at a time. Within a year, I had accumulated all of a tile and a coffee cup.

I took my sister into the store--she was about to get married, and married well--and she also fell head over heels for their pieces. And she registered--and got--service for 24. Had an entire MacKenzie-Childs shower.

It all evened out in the end when she divorced and we cleared out a good chunk of her kitchen and moved it to my pauper's pad. The end.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Nice to see you."

The first time I heard that phrase was from Oprah. She was the emcee for a Valentino charity fashion show in New York about 10 years ago; afterward, I was at the afterparty/launch of the Valentino boutique when I looked up from a cabinet of scarves and noticed that she was standing next to me.*

"So nice to see you," she said.

"Brilliant greeting. Just brilliant," I thought.

For the famous, it's perfect. It's a non-committal non starter. Not that it stopped me, my mother and my sister from chatting her up for 10 straight minutes, but still.

By the way, pictures do that woman no justice whatsoever. She's phenomenal.

About three years ago I was sitting down to a meeting with a former Washingtonian that's pretty internationally known. "So nice to see you," she said. And she had it down pat--the look that both directly meets your eye and kind of looks through you, the warm smile that makes you feel comfortable and looks perfect in photographs and is still a bit formal--a trained greeting from someone who has spent a good portion of their life meeting and greeting, from whom the public demands much, and much is given. So once again, acceptable.

And then. Then it kind of hit the masses.

"How nice to see you kiss left kiss right" (no three kisses--PLEASE) has become the greeting for one and all.

I kind of get it. Especially in this town, where it's all about the network, the meet, the greet.

But still.

Even when coming from us lessers, it's a non-committal non-starter. It's as if we can't be bothered to come up with something else, can't be bothered to think about whether or not we actually know this person in front of us, can't be bothered to take a risk.

And I get that it can save from a potentially embarrasing situation, get that it's a "one size fits all" type of greeting, that the conversation CAN be taken from there. But I miss the days when you could look in someone's eye and say "I'm sorry, you look so familiar. Where did we meet?" and it begat a whole new conversation. When someone put their neck out there a little bit to say, "I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met," and then engage. Or took the risk of "Hi, I'm BabsieD. We met at..." and sometimes, yes, you get the blank stare. Other times, it brings back memories and a flowing conversation from the outset.

What DOES one say after "Nice to see you," besides "Nice to see you as well *pregnant pause*"? It's just so...self-important, I guess.

Anyone have a better answer?

*There's a whole other half to this story that includes making a COMPLETE fool of myself in front of Valentino--yes, Valentino Garavani himself-- with a mint sprig, but that's for another day.

**Photo above: perhaps the most unflattering picture of me taken of ALL time (and before the age of digital cameras everywhere, so it's a bad scan of an okay picture).

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tardiness and Rebounds

So I think Bob Edwards was not overly impressed. a.) Because I was the publicist, a post I'm sure he disdains; b.) because we were a half hour late due to the wind and the rain. Being late is just horrible, the worst feeling in the world.

I had it in my head that he would be like a total fatherly-type of figure, "Really? You worked for NPR? That's great! Tell me more!" in his Bob Edwardsy voice. Instead, I snuck in a quick "Big fan-thanks!" that he didn't really acknowledge on our way out--ours to go, his to catch a smoke.

But he's still a hero.

Just got back from brunch & bloodies with my two friends D and Thoo. D who wrote the press release here and Thoo who is moving to Denver next week. I worked with them both for almost 8 years (Thoo on and off). So good to see old friends that know you SO well. We were all so passionate about our jobs back then, all went through the total ringer together. D left the job we all shared to head to another similar company, where she has been frustrated, but she's also incredibly patient and politically astute, so she's prospered. Thoo headed out (went to D's company), where she encountered the same frustration, but hers didn't end so well.

My theory is that, like relationships, people tend to have rebound jobs after leaving long-term posts. It's the job that you never get quite comfortable in, where you feel dumb and worthless for the first time in years, when you have to relearn the basics and throw away a lot of what you know (or learn to reapply it in entirely different ways). Sometimes you get lucky, most times you learn a bit from it, leave, then get your bearings straight. Just happened to me, also happened to Thoo. I think (I hope!) I've found my new long-term job, I'm sure Thoo will find hers in her new home.

And speaking of rebounds, GO TERPS!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Busy and Some Bragging

So yeah, I've been busy. BIIIZZZ-EE. Bad blogger. Bad! (*slapping own wrist*).

But busy in SUCH a good way.

Spent today working with two favorite clients. Had caviar for dinner. Am meeting Bob Edwards--BOB FRIGGING EDWARDS!!!--tomorrow at 11.

Life is good.

Be back soon, promise.


(photo: KCHO/KFPR Public Radio mug, circa 1995 when I was a classical music host for Public Radio for a spell. And lordy lordy did I ever SUCK at the task).

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blind in the Lounge

Which fabulous doyenne threw a rocking party to end all parties for her husband featuring Thievery Corporation? In their LIVING ROOM?

(Photo: yes, TC in a living room).

Friday, March 02, 2007

Like, OMG!

So life apparently IS like high school:

I mean, I knew this city was. But apparently it's everywhere.

Yes, kidliwinks, that's the Stubbs version of the Mia flat (remember these? Paired with your Forenza sweater and Guess jeans...). Use the code "Anchor" and get 10% off. And then head over to the smoking lounge for a quick Parliament before homeroom.

P.S. DSS Review--thankyouthankyouthankyou for all of your support!--coming soon. And Il Mulino review (now that I have spare time again!)