Monday, February 19, 2007

Truly Original

After much prodding and cajoling (okay, begging and pleading), my favorite artiste and stationer, R. Nichols, has placed just a few of his original works on the block for sale.

In addition to his humongo following (everyone from Tyra to Sheryl Crow), the buzz on his artwork is starting to disseminate far and wide: he was the artist for the best-sellers French Women Don't Get Fat and French Women for All Seasons and he's starting to get a lot of attention from the big wigs and collectors, so consider this your advance notice before you smack yourself on the head and say "man, if I had just bought when they were cheap...".

Rumor has it that there may be a touring exhibition of his works and a really limited collection of signed, numbered prints on the way, but there is really nothing like the original.

P.S. R. Nichols notecards will be making a special appearance in the VIP Goodie Bags at the District Sample Sale!


Ballerina K said...

the one in joppatown is still in existence as far i know :)

i truly suggest though going really early in the morning, and on week days if you can to avoid the crowds.

i spoke with a woman who worked at their bag department and she said they get new shipments typically at the end of the week. so if you wanna try that come in reaaaal early. =)

it could also be that since it was opening weekend that it got that crazy. im hoping cuz it would definately be great to go back!! (minus the hoards of people)

BabsieD said...

Thanks BK! Yeah, I'm thinking weekdays are key for this locale..