Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let it snow!

Today I've sat on my couch, writing press releases, pitchingpitchingpitching, sorting photos, assembling stuff for an embassy party tonight, and, occasionally, eating marshmallows (I'm pregnant, BACK OFF).

Yesterday was a damn war zone. Today = fabulous.


DC Celine said...

Sigh. Remember to savor it while you can. Impending family member will take that relative calm away (this from one who's skipped dinner twice this week and still hasn't put away The Bean's laundry since it was done on Sunday).

fashiongirl said...

Marshmallows? The big ones or the minis? Your cravings are just adorable!

I've had those days where I'm just scavenging the cupboards and eating frosting out of the can. Enjoy!