Thursday, March 15, 2007

Busy and Some Bragging

So yeah, I've been busy. BIIIZZZ-EE. Bad blogger. Bad! (*slapping own wrist*).

But busy in SUCH a good way.

Spent today working with two favorite clients. Had caviar for dinner. Am meeting Bob Edwards--BOB FRIGGING EDWARDS!!!--tomorrow at 11.

Life is good.

Be back soon, promise.


(photo: KCHO/KFPR Public Radio mug, circa 1995 when I was a classical music host for Public Radio for a spell. And lordy lordy did I ever SUCK at the task).


DC Celine said...

LOL. I can just picture you taking a call from an irate listener...

And...don't tell me you were a RTVF major...god rest its soul... said...

I request that you slap your own butt next time. Wrists are simply not as exciting... ;-)

Anonymous said...

who are you representing?

BabsieD said...
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