Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tardiness and Rebounds

So I think Bob Edwards was not overly impressed. a.) Because I was the publicist, a post I'm sure he disdains; b.) because we were a half hour late due to the wind and the rain. Being late is just horrible, the worst feeling in the world.

I had it in my head that he would be like a total fatherly-type of figure, "Really? You worked for NPR? That's great! Tell me more!" in his Bob Edwardsy voice. Instead, I snuck in a quick "Big fan-thanks!" that he didn't really acknowledge on our way out--ours to go, his to catch a smoke.

But he's still a hero.

Just got back from brunch & bloodies with my two friends D and Thoo. D who wrote the press release here and Thoo who is moving to Denver next week. I worked with them both for almost 8 years (Thoo on and off). So good to see old friends that know you SO well. We were all so passionate about our jobs back then, all went through the total ringer together. D left the job we all shared to head to another similar company, where she has been frustrated, but she's also incredibly patient and politically astute, so she's prospered. Thoo headed out (went to D's company), where she encountered the same frustration, but hers didn't end so well.

My theory is that, like relationships, people tend to have rebound jobs after leaving long-term posts. It's the job that you never get quite comfortable in, where you feel dumb and worthless for the first time in years, when you have to relearn the basics and throw away a lot of what you know (or learn to reapply it in entirely different ways). Sometimes you get lucky, most times you learn a bit from it, leave, then get your bearings straight. Just happened to me, also happened to Thoo. I think (I hope!) I've found my new long-term job, I'm sure Thoo will find hers in her new home.

And speaking of rebounds, GO TERPS!


fashiongirl said...

BabsieD -

Incredibly astute take on the rebound job. I've been there.

matthew said...

i like your blog. you should add a subscribable button, so you can see who your readers are, and it's easier for them to follow it. check it out: the dc blog project. if you would like, i'll set up an account for you. said...

I never have gotten why journos and publicists would be unfriendly toward one another. At least, in my situation, I like getting news from them, and have enough brain in my own head to still maintain objectivity...

Sounds like a super time, though. You are making me long for DC!