Friday, April 13, 2007

Back to the Vapid

A few events about which I haven't yet posted:
1.) Went to my first derm/botox party a few weeks ago. If you brought a friend, you got 20% off of any service, so I was the mole. Goodie bags: HUGE (a lot of grocery-store chains, like Olay, Neutrogena, etc. are trying to go the derm route now and are giving samples GALORE). Best of them all: my black botox baseball hat. Yes: B-O-T-O-X. In rhinestones. Brilliant.

2.) The annual Easter Egg Hunt. Our great friends L&C host a SICK Easter bash every year. It's typically a sugar buffet--literally a 20-foot table with every cake, pie, jello mold and peep concoction you can ever imagine. They get the 50-ish kids in attendance COMPLETELY sugared up, throw them outside for an Easter egg hunt, then send them on their way. 'Tis hilarious. This year it was a Dr. Seuss theme--complete with green (scrambled) eggs and ham, jello-molded red fish and blue fish and extra strong coffee (oh the places you'll go) and decaf (oh the places you won't). My boy had a swell old time.

3.) Last night's Denim Divas. That Mom, Inc. stylist Joyce Neave had a denim party at her home--it's these two guys that bring hundreds of pairs of jeans, all at about 1/2 price (Joe's, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion--basically everyone). Plus wine. Found no jeans, think it was just a bad body day, but did make some friends, see some friends, and had some type of dessert that I swear was a gourmet ho-ho. Man they were amazing. Then headed over to Mate with my girls for a late night drink and sushi run (a bit late for the WL party, but fun nonetheless).

4.) Silent auction tip: if you don't want to get in a bitter bidding war with me, then it's probably not a good idea to engage me in small talk, then lean over to your friend and drunk whisper, "F that--that b**** isn't getting this!" Yeah, GAME ON. Because a.) the rule of drunk whispering is that I CAN HEAR YOU and b.) I can't even be trusted not to get hypercompetitive during baby shower games where the prize is like crappy swizzle sticks from Pottery Barn.

Such was the situation in which I found myself at a recent gala two weeks ago. On the line: a $1,400 spa package. My competitor: drunk nasty girl.

I was ready to let it go when that little gem of a comment came out. And then later, I was getting a little tired of hovering and was considering walking away when she tried to cheat (stalling, pretending her pen wasn't working, etc.).

So now I'm the proud owner of a humongous spa package. In Annapolis. Didn't really do that math that I would have to drive to Annapolis for my 7 spa treatments, but then again, it wasn't about the package--it was about the pride. And the seven martinis I had ingested. Dear lord.

5.) Next on the docket: Marimekko coming to DC! Their clothes: amazing. Cut exceptionally well--just a really well-thought out line. Cannot wait. First of three stores opens May 10 with a fat launch party. The first will be in Silver Spring, directly across from Discovery, with the next two in DC.


fashiongirl said...

Girl you are fierce! I would have loved to be there to see you outbid her.

Chic Armoire said...

is the gourmet ho-ho anything like the "oreos" at the Breadline? Yummy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - this is what we love!!

BabsieD said...

Fashiongirl: You say that as if it's a complement--trust me, it's a curse!

Chic Armoire: I don't know, but I'll need to find out..

Anon: I know, but occasionally, the soapbox sneaks out...