Monday, September 10, 2007

A Quick Report from the Front Lines...

Hi all. Okay: one huge event down (Saturday); the BIGGEE happens on Wednesday. I can't believe it's already here!

Here are a few top-secret pointers for you to best navigate this year's DSS:
-First, advance ticket sales close at 5pm today. So get them now or you may not get them at all (on site sales only happen if they don't sell out, which they tend to do).

-Head to the back left corner when you make it through the door: The Purse Store selection of designer bags at 80% off tend to sell REALLY QUICKLY, and Zelaya Shoes has a lot of variety and sizes coming, but the most common sizes, as you know, will sell quickly.

-Make sure you grab a program when you go through the door--page 13 has the store map--key for negotiating the best bargains. You can also prep by visiting this page, the bottom of which lists a sampling of the bargains to be had at some of the participating stores.

-If you were lucky enough to get a VIP ticket, check inside your fabulously adorable gift from one80, as someone will win a $300 gift certificate.

-The DSS raffle ROCKS this year. A $10 ticket could win you some sick prizes, starting with a $730 Gryson bag from Urban Chic.

-Bloggers' Corner goodie bags rock, so if you signed up, be sure to stop by (also located in the back left side).

-Also, drop a business card off (or fill out a raffle form) at the Miriam's House booth, as they are doing a free raffle. They, by the way, are AMAZING. And they could use your help. Please take some info from them at their booth so you too can be inspired by Carol Marsh, their ED, and her fantastic staff and board that provide a roof, help and comfort to women who need it more than you can ever imagine.

See you there!


carrie m said...

sorry I'm missing it once again, but this time I'll be out of town for work. Good luck - it'll be fab!

DC Celine said...

Oh, I wish I could be there and bring The Bean. We'll be there in spirit