Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Gaping Black Hole In My Blog?

When I got married, last on my list was getting a great photographer. A photojournalist to capture the action as it happened would have been ideal, but we were poor Deadhead scrappers and that just wasn't in the budget. My theory then, as it is now, is that I'd much rather have the fabulously incredible memory than spend the time posing for pictures that are getting in the way of having said memories.*

I say this because the past few weeks have involved so much fabulousness that I just couldn't take the breather to stop and document. And while I did miss writing here, there just wasn't the time. And not to say I have all that much more right now, but I'm certainly going to try to make the effort.

Well, all that plus I was a bit crispyfriedtoast from working my ass off. A smidge of that, too.

One quick note: in the midst of all of my craziness, it was amazing how many friends took the time to offer to help and meant it. Even though I may have barked a gruff, "thanksbusygotstogo," at the time, it was so touching that so many peeps made the offer. Thank you.

So a quick recap:
Sample Sale: 850 people and no air conditioning. So sorry about that. If it's any consolation, while you were digging for bargains, I was crawling around in even more sweltering dark back rooms looking for anything that even remotely resembled a thermostat. But so many great friends were in attendance, so much generosity, and so much money was raised (we should hae the final tally very shortly). So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Life: My brother-in-law is home from Iraq, safe and sound. He wants nothing more than to sit in his very own house and just be there; my sister-in-law wants nothing more than to Get. The. Eff. Out. Of. The. Damn. House. So that should be interesting. We head down in a few weeks for the official homecoming. The elephant in the room is that they're essentially out of people, so he's going ot have to go back, and in some ways, I think it might be worse the next time around. We're a little terrified.

Work: Signed an incredible client this week, fly to New York on Tuesday to lock down THE event of the winter months (!), fly to Greece in a few weeks for my actor client who is wrapping up a film there. And I'm going with my BFF. Total perk.

What Else:Threw a pretty kickass Brazilian Birthday party; Artefacto/DC party was fun, though I don't think I've been in there since I did their launch, so it was a bit weird. And still ONE damn bathroom; Bloomie's/Kennedy Center fundraiser was fab last night--a nice CC addition, that; helping to throw a baby shower for one of my fave people in this town this weekend, cannot wait.

And now upcoming: mark your calendars for fabulous. We'll do this one at a time. There's a lot. Brace yourselves.

Event #1: MenzFit, October 4. (lovely design above by yours truly, photo by Abby Greenawalt. While I've been away, my design skills have not improved, but I've become a bit of a Photoshop genius out of total necessity).

MenzFit helps men move from poverty to the workforce with career education, interview training and appropriate attire. If you want to change the face of poverty, this is a pretty incredible place to start.

Tickets are $100; auction includes a trip for two to the wine country (including airfare), a men's sheared mink bomber jacket (worth $10k!--sorry, Dah, my leetle vegan friend), box tickets for the Wizards, Caps and Ken Cen, and my favorite, a beauty party for 10 including styling, refreshments, and the all-important product baskets for all. And there's LaMer in the gift bag. Kabam!

Side note event: Isaac Mizrahi at the new Bloomie's, 12-2 tomorrow. Got to find a copy of Unzippped pronto for signature purposes...

*Caviat on that: event photos: fine. Wedding photos, where you spend four hours posing with Aunt Gertrude on the church steps when really, you JUST WANT A DAMN DRINK and to have fun at your one-day, 800 kazillion dollar event: AARGH.


dcmom said...

hey babe, great to hear from you and can totally understand the work fried thing...

DC Celine said...

If only I'd read this last night and known about the Isaac event. How fab would it have been for The Bean to meet him in her first months of life?!

kris said...

this might be my fave post of yours ever. hope you come out of the tornado of fun soon.

Anonymous said...

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