Monday, November 05, 2007

Crossing the Line

While I usually avoid repeating Daily Candy (as, well, you've already read it), I want to underscore something of note today: the Modest Needs Foundation.

My cause is fighting poverty. It's where I try to steer the efforts of all of my charity work. The Modest Needs Foundation attempts to reach people before they hit that line, which I think is just brilliant.

You can visit their site, peruse their list of applicants--some need help with medical bills, some with taxes or car repairs, some with overdue mortgage payments. Modest Needs accepts applications, vets them for accuracy, then posts them on the site. You can search for people who need specific help, or that live in your area, or allow the foundation to channel your donation to those they feel are most urgent. In many cases, a small donation is all that's needed.

Starbucks is partnering with them for the holiday season, donating 10-20 cents per cup of certain coffees on certain days. Or you can pretend that you're drinking one extra cup or two a week, and schedule an extra 5 or 10 dollars be donated on your behalf on a weekly basis.

But no matter what, do something. Because you really can make a difference.

P.S. And be on the lookout, as the Gods Love We Deliver Holiday Catalog is supposed to launch today as well-another great cause, and an incredibly fabulous way in which to donate to it.

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b2 said...

You rock my world, dude! Just by opening people's eyes to fabulous charities is such an awesome help in itself!