Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Day

8:00: Housepainters arrive to officially finish the process of making our addition homey and liveable. Ralph Lauren Plantation: genius.
9:00: Answer 20 emails reallyreally fast about tonight's event, tomorrow's two events, next week's event
9:30: Shower, try to give myself a blowout. Call one80 to get one for tomorrow's events, as my blowout skills are hopeless.
10:15: Crap! Have to make signs for tonights events (not make them, but mount them on boards, which is a process much more tedious than you can imagine).
10:45: Crap! Have to print collateral for tonight's event.
11:45: Run to client to pick up signage for Knock Out auction item, which takes 45 minutes due to other topics to discuss. Get lunch for painters.
1:00: Run to Whole Foods, get Rosemary for tonight's event (long story). Be completely annoyed by the fact that the parking lot is PACKED.
1:30: Run and get signs that I forgot to load into car. Realize am about to completely run out of gas (does "9 Miles" really mean 9 miles?).
2:00: Call friend K in Vegas while driving-I KNOW, IT'S BAD. Especially since I lurched the car a bit toward a VERY, VERY MAD (rightfully so) pedestrian. Hang up on K who then thinks I'm maimed in an accident.
2:09: Find no meter parking--dammit!--so have to pull into $8,000 an hour garage in the Design Center.
2:14: Run into photo shoot, manage taking of very fun pictures for press and holiday campaigns.
4:14: Book from photo shoot to Reagan building, 3 cases of vodka, 2 huge signs, recipe cards and rosemary trees out the wazoo in tow.
4:30: Holy security. I always forget about the security.
4:45: Join the huge line of chefs, owners and other assorted restaurant types in loading up packed elevator. One person, 18 bottles of vodka, a forest of rosemary and unwieldy signs and no dolly. Not easy.
5:15: Lug all of the aforementioned to one floor, then another, then back downstairs. Set up.
5:16: See Ris Lacoste, on my top 5 list of Nicest, Most Fabulously Brilliant Washingtonians.
5:22: Get pointed in direction of vodka mixers, which I lug along with 2 wonderful Food Fight volunteers
5:45: Talk other business with a restaurant owner re: upcoming event on November 29
5:46: Answer phone: VERY mad husband on the line, as I'm answering the phone not from my house, but from the Reagan Center.
6:00: Head out, see a fave press person on the way out.
6:30: Home, answer 20 emails, including print details on R. Nichols event next week!
7:30 - 12:00: more emails, 6 phone calls, 2 pitches, one report, one avoided email, one postcard with HUGE edits.
Tomorrow: repeat, switching "Food Fight" for "Mazza Gallerie Anniversary" and "Washingtonian Party."

It ain't glamorous, but Babs loves her job. Though Babs needs a nap.


fashiongirl said...

Girl I'm exhausted just reading about your day! If you ever decide to bottle whatever it is that keeps you going (latte? diet coke? adrenaline shots?) I want in!

DC Celine said...

Darling, I don't know how you do it. Seriously.