Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Christmas List: Walter Isaacson/Steve Jobs

One of the things that is uniquely Washington: our huge love for book parties. Political, Chick-Lit, Historical: it matters not. We (royal, city-wide we) love a signed book on our shelves. My treasured signed books include Tom Wolfe, Candace Bushnell, Jill Kargman (complete with a dedication to my sister and I!) and Zadie Smith, who signed my dog-eared, much-read and loved copy of White Teeth with the inscription "Stop reading books in the bath."

So, chances are, you were going to buy a copy of Steve Jobs for somebody. Father, brother, self, techie aunt. But on Sunday, Walter Isaacson will be at Barnes & Noble Georgetown starting at 4pm signing copies, making you the coolest person to the above-mentioned list this holiday.See you there--I'll be the one the the gigantic stack.

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