Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Christmas List: H.Bloom

They are a client. But I am totally obsessed.
When we first met with H.Bloom, the (surprisingly affordable) floral subscription delivery service, they explained that part of their target market is people who love flowers, who buy flowers every week at the grocery store, and are never quite satisfied with their purchase. In other words: me.

The difference between H.Bloom and said cellophaned flowers sitting next to the produce in those sad buckets: HUGE. Their Arrange Your Own collection ($29--INCLUDING DELIVERY) includes varietals that you'll never find on your own, and is enough for about 2-1/2 arrangements. And there are weekly online videos to teach you how to make them look amazing.

Their Classic ($35), Contemporary ($48) and Exotic ($65) arrangements are beyond beautiful (there are others; those are just my favorites).

So for Christmas, I think my gift for myself is going to be an Arrange Your Own subscription every two weeks, and then a Contemporary subscription in alternating two week increments. I'll look like a genius, old-money hostess. You'll be jealous. End scene.

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