Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Es Finito.
Wow. That's all I can say about last night's event.

Okay, I can probably say a bit more:
1.) We raised a TON of money last night for the cause. The client who spoke on behalf of the charity, did a wonderful job. It's great that everyone got to see first-hand the difference the charity can make.
2.) I met SO MANY amazing people last night: Becky from 30x30, the infamous DCCeline (both: fabulous), and about a million other people, new friends and old friends that I got to see after being so buried for the past few months. I kind of felt like it was a wedding, though--just enough time to say hi, not enough time to hang out substantially with anyone.
3.) Most adorably fabulous man in the world: R. Nichols. I'm so honored that he came up for the event, honored that he's my friend, thrilled that he's donating substantial proceeds for the month of May for the cause. He's hilarious, adorable, smart, witty...I'm too tired or else I'd have more adjectives there. He's everything I expected and a million times more.

Before the doors opened, the DJ's music was playing, the lights were cued, everything was set up, I had a moment to just stand in the middle of it all and take it all in. And I've never been as proud of anything I've ever worked on as I was last night. The host committee for the event was just an awe-inspiring bunch who worked as hard as they could, then pushed it even harder. The volunteers last night were spectacular.

So if you had anything to do with last night at all, I just want to give you the most heartfelt of thanks. We collectively made the world a little bit better last night.

P.S. My grandmother's dress: a total hit!

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