Sunday, May 28, 2006

Not sure why, but something told me to go to the C-Mart Website yesterday. And when it claimed to have an entire lot from an "it" boutique, something told me to head up there (okay, the picture on the site of the Matthew Williamson label also helped).

If you haven't been, C-Mart is this crazy hole-in-the-wall store about 20 minutes north of Baltimore. You've probably seen their random handwritten ads in the Post (usually in the Home Section, as they carry lots of furniture, too). They receive closeouts from stores, which are sometimes crap, but a lot of times you can find some amazing things dirt cheap.

So the "it" boutique they're referring to? Intermix (labels still on). The "lot" they have? It's basically the entire store, all at 50% off: Chloe, What Comes Around Goes Around (DCCeline: you must head there--bestest store in all of NYC), Vince, Nieves Lavi, Tocca, Felix, et al. And it's an additional 20% off on top of that until tomorrow (they close at 5:00 tomorrow night). The Michael Kors Gladiator sandals I've been craving? $90. Loeffler Randall Wynne Braid Platform Sandals? Half price: $258 (although I think I did take the last size 38's in both). Even the Chloe brocade mini--you know, the one that was featured in just about every magazine this spring--was marked from $1,300 to around $500.

SO worth the drive. I got there in about an hour and ten. If you head out now...


NotCarrie said...

WHOA! I want to go there!

BabsieD said...

The best part was that in my three hour shopping foray, I was the ONLY person who even knew what Intermix was or was remotely interested in that section, so I'm sure pickings are still fabulous. I'm wearing my Loeffler Randalls right now!

Kris said...

Just shows how out of it I really am . . . when you wrote C Mart with the capital C, I assumed it was all about THAT word.

I need to get out more.