Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Monogram Central
I'm a huge monogram fan. Maybe it's because I'm a younger sibling who was given hand-me-downs for the first chunk of my life. A monogram yells "MINEMINEMINE!!!" for all the world to see.

I have monogrammed guest towels, monogrammed socks, and my favorite, monogrammed Jack Rogers (haven't seen them locally, but you can pick them up at C. Orrico in Palm Beach or 15 Main in Southampton, if the Orrico girls still own that).

So I've definitely got my friend's new shop, Nantucket Lily, on my hot list. Fun monogram stuff galore.

My signature summer baby present is swim trunks/a bathing suit from Babystyle, monogrammed matching hand towel (perfect baby size) from Neiman Marcus (NM Collection or RL Avenue towels are highly recommended--the regular Ralph towels are crap) and baby sunscreen--I think I'll have to add this fun monogrammed sun hat to the mix!

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