Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ladies Who Lunch

Had a lunch today with the head of the Bethesda/Silver Spring Stroller Strides, ostensibly about some of my clients, but she was way cool so it evolved into a multi-subject discussion ranging from where to get a great Mojito (she's a fan of Ceviche) to decorating our little houses to hosting lunches (including the one I'll be throwing in the hopefully not-too-distant future). Which got me thinking about my favorite part of hosting my girls over for lunch or dinner: party favors!

Here are some of my faves:
• Homemade fortune cookies in box (Chinese carry-out boxes, $.89, Container Store, see Fortune Cookie Recipe here--wow, posted a year ago yesterday!)
• R. Nichols Singles Notecards ($3 each,
• Garden Sprinkler Seed Tins ($3.25 each,
• 2-piece Beach-themed Chocolate Favors ($4 set of two,
• Marimekko kitchen magnets ($5.90 each, (tip: use a separate magnet on the back to make these placecard holders)
• Tortoise shell toothbrushes (good if you’re serving garlic for dinner!) ($4.99,
• DC Chocolate Tour Candy Bars ($25 for 4 bars, Apres Peau, DC—as soon as they come back in stock!*)
• Kiehl’s Lip Balms ($7 each, Blue Mercury, Georgetown)
• Hydrangeas/whatever is in your backyard in silver cups (head over to Home Goods or a few estate sales and do a little mix & matching—looks fabulous, starts at around $3 each)
• Paperback chick-lit books (all different so everyone can trade at the table).

Any other great ideas I can swipe?


syferium said...
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dcmom said...

Small L'Occtaine hand creams for everyone to take home and remember the great lunch every time they "freshen up"

DC Celine said...

orbitz mint mojitos gum & small "packs" of ingredients for mojitos

fashiongirl said...

My favorite is japanese fans that you can paint yourself at the party.