Saturday, March 29, 2008

The baby, the bitch and the wardrobe

Rather pathetic that I work in fashion for a living, but well, I'm pretty much out of clothes.

My entire wearable wardrobe now consists of:

Milly shirt, brown/green white
Tunic, lime green
Armani cardigan, black (though will be too heavy to wear in about a week)
H&M cardigan, tan
Maternity shirt left over from the last round, burgundy
Maternity denim skirt (also leftover)
Black Revas that annoy me to no end
Kickass brown kneehigh boots
One Trina Turk dress for going out, purple & brown silk
Two pairs of black leggings (and say what you will about leggings being passe--leather ones were a mainstay on every Paris runway for fall. My post-baby goal is to rework my XXS leather pants into leggings. Oh, and to get into them. That would also help).

When did maternity clothes get so ugly? The last round I couldn't buy DVF maternity fast enough. This time it's all atrocious. Six weeks left, and the above list is not going to get me through especially since the Milly has about a week left and the H&M is becoming more pill than sweater. Suggestions? And early induction isn't an option--they just moved me up two weeks, even though I explained that I have a personal designer appearance, a trunk show and an all-day salon benefit that week. They just didn't really seem to care.*

And before you judge me for putting my job first, let me regale you with this legendary tale, of a friend-of-a-friend, also a publicist. Her very famous jewelry client's $270,000 bracelet was being worn by the world's most famous female celebrity to the Oscars a few years ago. She (publicist) was in the delivery room at the time that said starlet alluded her posted security and took off from the VF Party, bracelet still on wrist.

"GET THIS EFFING BABY BACK INSIDE OF ME AND GET ME A GODDAMN PHONE" she barked to her doctor. Baby wasn't listening, but she got a phone and got the bracelet back before her final push. Now that's some serious p.r. dedication.


DC Celine said...

3 weeks before The Bean's arrival I hit the stores b/c I just. could. not. stand the 3 outfits I had any longer.

Friday before I bought a pair of flats because nothing else fit. Next morning, they didn't fit.

That was fun.

fashion lover said...

Your wardrobe is defintely very fabulous!!!!