Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Is What It Is

...as my mom, ever the practical one, always says. So on to less hefty topics.

Like the fact that I have GOT to get a pair of non-TRB flats. Unlike the last pregnancy, where I wore 5" heels to the hospital (mainly to make the point of it, also 'cause my doctor is a TOTAL HOTTIE apologies to husband sorrysorrysorry but, well, he REALLY is), this time heels were off pretty permanently by about month 6. And since I'm anti-flat as a general principle, my only options were literally 15-year old Chanel ballerinas that were so worn down that putting cardboard in the bottoms a la Depression Era would have improved them tremendously.

Props to my husband for sensing this was coming, and getting me a killer pair of over-the-knee brown boots--completely flat--at Barneys (extra props for even knowing my size). But they're brown, and they're boots, so they don't go with everything. And spring is springing--hallelujah!

So through my tangled web of store credits and trades and discounts, I now have two pairs of TRBs, one in black and one in orange.

Here's the thing: wearing humongous medallions on your feet pretty much only has disadvantages.

First of all, it makes the toe part of your shoes not every flexible. So not all that comfortable after, say, hour one.

Second of all, it's just a bit, um, obnoxious--is that the word? I just feel like every time I take a step my feet are screaming TORY BURCH! TORY BURCH! TORY BURCH! TORY BURCH! right on down the street.

Want to need to have to get a new pair of Chanels (speaking of, have you seen the fall collections? Holy CRAP. While boucle looks like absolute crap on me, and I know that grey sweater dress on the front of last week's WWD will as well, I still pine for it so). Or at least some Delmans. Anyone have an in with Karl's people?


DC Celine said...

so glad you're back. and yes, yes, yes, tired of tb flats. try the sue london ones - http://dcceline.blogspot.com/2007/06/style-dilemma-solved-sue-over-tory.html

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kris said...

I need to start shopping someplace other than Ross. No? Too much? ;)