Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cathy Alter at Ginger

Cathy Alter, the bestselling Georgetown-based author, will be signing her book Up For Renewal at Ginger this Thursday, January 8, from 6-8. Her book, which has drawn rave reviews from People magazine, The Today Show and Allure, traces the year she spent following the advice from glossies including Cosmo, Glamour and InStyle, and serves as a primer on everything from how to wrap a sandwich to understanding Jennifer Aniston's split ends fetish. It's a year spent making goals and keeping most, so if you're about to break your first New Year's resolution (and who isn't), this event is perfectly timed to serve as inspiration.

She is also the source from which blogger Robyn Okrant culled the idea to heed Oprah's advice for a year in her blog and upcoming book, Living Oprah, which has recently been in the news.

Cathy's launch party drew a slew of boldfaced names, so be sure to peer over your signed copy to see who else is in attendance.

Cocktails and cupcakes served.

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Elizabeth @ Capital Spice said...

I missed the event but I appreciate the reminder about this book. I've been meaning to pick it up but forgot the title. Thanks for the tip!