Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Madame, your gown awaits...

Need a dress for the 20th? Of course you do.

Seriously: Put. That. Bridesmaid. Dress. Away. She promised that "You could really wear it again--definitely, I swear it."

She lied.

So plugging a bit here, but here are some options in the $350-$750 range:

Saja: beautiful gowns, fun colors (though the black one with the studded neckline is my fave). Trunk show with 10% off through this week at Ginger. $400-$500 range.

Nicole Miller: cute dresses that you actually could wear again (unlike your liarliarpantsonfire bridey friend's taffeta concoction that ran you four and a quarter, not counting the shower). Trunk show with 20% off this weekend at Imagine Fashion Apothecary. $350-$600 range.

Teri Jon: Higher up on the price scale, but pretty gowns that wear really well and are very reasonably priced for their quality. Also check out the 50% off gown rack, all at Harriet Kassman. $750 range for Teri Jon.

Oh, and while we're on the topic: Nanette Lepore will be in town for inauguration weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for her famed curly locks dancing around town.

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