Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today's Obsession: Chahhming, Dahhling

I have a charm bracelet. Specifically, I have a Links bracelet that is made to hold charms. I also have charms.

For a while, I liked the bracelet on its own, and I just never got around to attaching said charms (all received during my 30th birthday weekend party on Middle Road in Palm Beach, in the epicenter of what will forever be known as The Gravy Train Era. But I digress.). Part of it is that I already have a jangly bracelet: a Kelly watch, the locket of which rattles around with each step. Point is, you can already hear me from a mile away when I'm sporting it (helpful to warn when I had a staff back in my corporate days).

My sister also was somehow able to finagle my grandmother's gold charm bracelet, which is just rattly and wacky and filled with treasures, some from flea markets, some from the world over. So even though I like my lil' Links, it just doesn't compare. Again, I digress, this time with jealousy.

But now that Washington is--for at least the next month--the cool city, I may actually get around to attaching said charms to said bracelet, simply so that I have the excuse to buy this one and janglejangle it around. Also available in White House and Washington Monument charms, with prices ranging from $345 - $1035, all available in yellow or white gold. Custom commissioned and available exclusively at Charles Schwartz & Son at the Willard and Mazza.

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