Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Live From Las Vegas: The Budgets From Hell Edition

I'm in Vegas for the day for work.

Of note:
Mark Warner was on my plane. And he's looking a bit manorexic if you ask me. He's got the good governing/bridging the two sides thing going, but if he's going to really hit the big time (and ever get over that heinous NYT mag cover), some free weights, a few oxygen facials and some practice smiling comfortably would do him a world of good.

Chippendales? I still don't get it. Never have. (Saw the billboard on the way from the airport). I think a format that would work better for me would be more of a "zoo" type of concept--where you could drive around a park and see "22 year old mowing lawn" or "24 year old washing car". Anyway, I have no idea how they stay in business here. Oh yeah, because Vegas is a huge bus stop, that's how.

I was too busy today to head over to Scoop, and that, my friends, is a complete bummer. There's just something about that place--yes, a lot of their stuff can be found elsewhere, but I always find a perfectly fabulous unique something or other that I simply must have. It's for the best, however, as I'm planning on shopping till dropping at the DSS.

Heading over to the Wynn for dinner. Being that we've all been up since 5, it's blazing hot, and dinner is at 11:30 EST, I'm thinking that there won't be a whole lot of raging going on after the fact. But you never know.

Wow--Project Runway is almost over on the east coast--can't wait to read Capitol Hill Barbie's synopsis!


DC Celine said...

I want to know what you're doing in Vegas!

BabsieD said...

1.) Working. With Concrete. Literally.
2.) Losing in Craps. Crap.
3.) Baking in the heat. Like the kind when you've been cooking ALL DAY, and the oven's been on 400 since like 8 a.m., and it's like 3 p.m., and then you stick your arm in to retrieve whatever's in there. That kind of heat.
4.) Buying $10 toothpast (Marvin's). Just because.

BabsieD said...

e. Toothpaste.

Carrie said...

did you ever watch that VH1 show on the guys vying for the spot on the thunder from down under? downright scary to see grown men CRYING that they couldn't become...strippers. and they proved themselves to be big morons along the way too. so yeah, I don't get the fascination with these kinds of groups either.

Enjoy Vegas! Fix at Bellagio has amazing fried mac and cheese.

BabsieD said...

Wow--I didn't think Mac & Cheese could get any better--but they're FRYING it? That sounds like heaven. A heaven with a lot of acne, but heaven nonetheless.

The Mac & Cheese @ Logan Tavern in DC is also stupendous--a humongous bowl with shrimp and crab mixed in. It's crack in a bowl.

Carrie said...

There is no acne in heaven. No calories either. Remember, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

That means you, stupid fat!