Friday, September 29, 2006

Clumpy, Dried Out Mascara (and a Shoehorn)

Yes, that's the mascara I've got. The kind that you have to stir the wand around in lots to get anything out, and then once you do, it's all clumpy and goppy and you can feel your eyelashes nearly getting pulled out of their little eyelash sockets when you're putting it on.

Why am I subjecting myself to such torture?

Because next Wednesday is my favorite day of the year, the Suited for Change In the Mood for Beauty Event! Staging at Saks Chevy Chase from 6-9, the night features male models who walk around glossing everyone's lips, a DJ, cocktails, fabulous hors d'oeuvres, makeovers galore and gifts with purchase at just about every counter (plus a Saks GWP if you spend $100 or more).

The price of admission: a $25 raffle ticket, with all proceeds benefiting SFC. If you purchase your ticket online by October 3, you'll save $3, and you will be registered to win a Manolo Blahnik shoehorn (pictured above). I had this shipped in from the UK (which is where you could get it, if you could get it because it sold out immediately). Anyway, it was no easy feat, due to both its sold-outedness and its across-the-pondedness.

DC Style is the sponsor, so their photogs will be there and pictures will be featured in the winter issue.

These events are near and dear to me: my very first fundraising event was an event like this in conjunction with Neiman Marcus. NM closed down the store, gave about 85 of us a champagne reception, and then we had a dinner and silent auction at the Daily Grill (it sounds so easy, but it was a team of four of us working day and night for MONTHS). We raised almost $10k that night, and divvied up the proceeds between 5 women's charities (of which Suited for Change was one, which is how I got involved with them).

So anyway, come. I promise, it will be fabulous. I'll be the one with the brand new B Bag that is not being returned (due to some SERIOUS begging and dealmaking on my part!).

Details here.

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b2 said...

Had to comment on the (unintended) pun -- "no easy feat."

About a shoe horn.

Even when you don't mean it, you're brilliant.