Friday, April 11, 2008

Frustration in the Dressing Room

So I just got back from Day 1 of the trunk show and Hoooleeee Krap. The stuff is gorgeous. The kind you put on and think, "Ah, that's right, the nice clothes ARE better." And the prices for them are actually reasonable. Like Cusp-level pricing. But the quality is SOOO much better than your normal off-the-rack stuff.

But then I tried to zip it up. One piece after another, creeping up one size up with each try. And dammit, yes, I have a basketball in front of me and cannot wear normal people clothes. I just have to admit it and move on. I'm have maybe a week left in Pucci size 42 and then it's sweats from here on out, I think.

But you should definitely go. And get something for me.

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