Thursday, April 03, 2008

Still here...

Today started with getting a call that my mother may have had a heart attack. Actually, it didn't start that way, it started with a delicious cup of coffee.

So she didn't. It was a combination of her taking medicine like I took drugs in college--a haphazard decision based on how she's feeling that day, what's there, probably some marketing thrown in ("Oh, Lipitor commercial, I haven't taken that in a while..."). So that combined with her body heartily, resounding saying in the best way possible, "Hi there--so, um, eff this chemo, okay? I think we've done all we can do with it here, but thanks," gave her some symptoms which equaled a trip to the ICU.

So by "best way possible," I mean that the tumor has dislodged, and her chemo has surpassed expectations. So no more of that, on to the surgery, then radiation. Then hopefully it's all over. Today's symptoms are gone, she's getting discharged tomorrow.

The day is ending with me forging 283 documents. And doing a smashing good job, being that it's 12:30 and I spent every minute not on the phone with my hysterical (as in dramatic) sister in meetings.


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