Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Month Has Been Brought To You By..

...well, absolutely crushing deadlines, for starters. Had to attend a gala in Baltimore yesterday, raced there and back, stuffed envelopes until 3 am, then up at 7 to start a crazy day. It seems that a reprieve will not be coming anytime soon. That a client just asked if I'll have wifi in the hospital, and if not, if they can pay for it would be a pretty clear indication, methinks.

But the other thing: Elbows. It would seem that bebe has about 50 of them, all of which are put to use on a continual basis on my innards.

It (Elbow) is also the name of the band my husband saw on Sunday at Sixth & I. And they are amazing. Their latest CD, The Seldom Seen Kid, was just given **** by Uncut (which I know because I got my husband a subscription for Christmas in a move that singlehandedly made me the Greatest Wife Ever).

Anyhoo, they're awesome and you should check them out (the band, not the 800 daily jabs to my liver).

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