Friday, April 28, 2006

The Beauty of Las Vegas
Ah, Vegas. It's such a different place when you're going for work vs. for pleasure. It was work this time around.

I stayed at the Venetian--can someone tell me why the management there thinks that pumping the scent of urinal cake throughout the facility is a good thing? It amazes me every time I enter the building.

My last day there, I walked the Strip--such a gloriously fun thing to do. More fun at night (cue Clair de Lune, Oceans Eleven), but afternoon was the only opening I had. First stop: Scoop at Caesars. Please, Scoop people, open in DC. For the love. We'll even forgive you for the whole thing with Tory Burch's husband.

I'm determined to find the perfect shoes to match my vintage babydoll dress for my upcoming event (hence Scoop). I was thinking red might be fun. Red linen tie-up platforms to be exact, although I'm open to any other suggestions!. DKNY makes a pair that look very fun; but on me, they looked like giant red ace bandages. No good.

20-ish unsuccessful pairs of shoes later, I realized a pedicure was overdue. I headed over to the Wynn and their top-notch spa (what there isn't?), where I was promptly told by the concierge that it was for registered guests only. In a slightly emboldened mood, I decided to give it a whirl anyway. I headed upstairs to the spa desk, was whisked in immediately and was given a pedicure that was simply perfection--her name was Ruth, so if you're there, seek her out.

Toes coral-hued and perfectly refreshed after a long week, I headed back, grabbed my bag and headed to the airport. The week was hell, but the pedicure was totally worth it.

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