Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fantasy Hooky
So I had this dream. It started yesterday when I was having a bad day at work. I was going to play hooky today.

Fantasy Hooky Schedule:
1.) Wake up, normal time (I do have a two-year old who could care less whether I'm going to work or not).
2.) Get child ready for daycare, send him off with his papa.
3.) Have a leisurely cup of coffee while checking email.
4.) Don fun new CO-OP platforms to look fashionable during day of errands.*
5.) Head over to Dr. Adrian on NM Ave for a quick round of Botox (gotta love walk-in Botox appointments).
6.) Run around, pick up items for upcoming Event auction.
7.) Head over to Intermix, pick up Michael Kors Granger Gladiators in black (gotta love the Intermix discount card).
8.) Head over to Ralph Lauren, find perfect outfit for Plum Sykes party on Thursday.
9.) Meet girlfriends for wine and relish over fabulous day.

*It is fantasy hooky after all. Although they are surprisingly comfortable, plus they make you look so tall that you don't really notice that you're in 5" heels and could sprain the crap out of your ankles at any given moment.

Okay, so the reality of the situation:
Made it through #1. Am at work, where I have about 15 overdue assignments, am down one staff person, and have to get prepared for a week-long business trip.

Maybe Thursday.

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