Thursday, April 20, 2006

Leisurely Coffee and a Pox on Pat Wexler
I made the call yesterday--today I was going through with Plan Hooky. Work is nuts: I could sleep there for the next month and still not be entirely caught up. But my husband is away, and bringing my son to daycare and then commuting to work would have been a minimum 2-hour drive each way, so there you have it: instant hooky justification.

I started P.H. last night after I put my son to bed, threw on an Arbonne face masque (Face masque: great. "Party" I had to go to to get said product: heinous) in an attempt to rid myself of the Pat Wexler Pox, then poured myself a big ol' glass of Amancaya, a great cabernet that we tried a few months ago at Rock Creek Restaurant and have been buying ever since. Then, a little sauced and feeling a wee bit like a creative literary genius, I cranked out some overdue thank you notes for people that have donated items for the upcoming Event auction. I don't think one item has yet come in on which I don't want to bid.

So now, I'm enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee, just checked my emails, and am using this blog to create my list du jour:
*Haircut at 11:30. Rit at Twin Tresses in Bethesda is brilliant. This is my first cut after Rit did the Japanese straightening to my hair two weeks ago. Thus far, straightening was well worth the 5 hours and ridiculous price tag.
*Walk-in Botox with Dr. Adrian (just got the long-distance blessing from my husband. Actually, not quite a blessing, more like a sigh of resignation of which I'm taking full advantage).
*Running around to pick up assorted items for auction.
*Freaking out over what to wear to Plum Sykes party tonight (I mean, what DOES one wear to a party hosted by a 98-lb. Vogue editor who is a perpetual fixture on everyone's best dressed lists?).
*Maybe stop in for a surprise visit to my friend who had her second baby two weeks ago.
*Okay, so add "get present for 2-week old baby" to the list.
*Be hit with moment of genius and decide what to wear to tonight's party or where to buy it (although I'm hoping for the former. Actually, I'm hoping for either).

So back to the Pat Wexler Pox. Right when her new skincare line came out, I bought the whole line (thank goodness it was an introductory pack for about $45). I, like most, am a sucker for anything editorial (which, I guess, is one reason why I love working in p.r.), so as soon as I read "women in the know are flocking to Pat Wexler's new serum with MMPi", my tires were squealing as was I with anticipation.

Verdict: her Universal Anti-Aging Cleanser is amazing. Smells like gardenias, does a great job of cleaning without stripping. But the rest of it--I swear, I just look at it and I break out. I've tried it three times and every time, same result (I keep hoping that I'm using it wrong, it's the wrong time of the month, that it's my diet, but now I'm convinced it's Pat).

Someone at my office just got an eye job (she looks like Felicity Huffman: not Felicity now because she looks fabulous, but right back at the beginning of Desperate Housewives when she first got her eyes done). Scary as my co-worker's eye job is, especially close up, it made me realize that my eyes are a little saggy, so once again, I gravitated to Pat, this time to her eye cream. And after three days of use: seven--SEVEN--zits, beginning at my brow line and forming a line straight down either side of my face (kind of like an acne ode to an Amish beard). Not sure what "MMPi" stands for, but I'm sure the P is for Pox. No good, no good at all. Hence last night's face masque. Which, incidentally, cleared up about 80% of the pox in one fell swoop.

Okay, off to my day!

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