Monday, April 17, 2006

Haute Pursuit!
So here's a little info on one of my favorite charities:
Suited for Change is a DC-based charity that helps women break the crippling cycle of poverty by helping them get--and keep--good jobs. It's all about empowering women and giving children role models, two things I'm determined to do something about in my lifetime.

Why you should give your time, money, auction items, attention to SFC:
-Over 90% of every penny donated goes straight to SFC client programs (the remaining 10% covers lights, heat, rent, salaries, etc.--and it's a shoestring budget).
-They have put over 12,500 women on the path to move from welfare to work since they were founded in 1992.
-Over 1/2 of their operating income comes from their annual fundraiser--The SFC Celebration, which stages Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at the City Museum of DC.

This year's event features the Haute Pursuit Catwalk--a live exhibit featuring killer local boutiques interpreting the word "suit." Intermix, Barneys CO-OP, Pink November, Muleh, Periwinkle, moojoo ken, Bella and Alex are all participating. 'Twill be amazing.

Tickets are $98. Go.

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