Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vintage Fabulousness
So my husband's amazing grandmother just moved into a nursing home. She'll be 90 in August, has lived alone for 20+ years, and has done fine until a recent fall. She's just a cool woman.

She made a point of making sure that I received a family chest that was filled with vintage clothing. I tried them on this morning. It's an incredible trove. There's a dress, I think it's from the sixties, that looks just like the Chloe babydoll lace dress, it just needs to be shortened to a mini. The chest was full of silk-lined velvet capes, hand-embroidered cap-sleeve blouses, leather gloves with pearl closures--all beautiful. Just another reminder of what a brilliant woman she is.

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DC Celine said...

I only wish I'd nabbed more of my grandmom's things. She did leave me most of her scarves, though - wool, silk, printed, and well-loved. Not only are they fabulous, they keep her with me whenever I wear them. That's the best kind of vintage!