Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ah, The Smell of Manure and Old Money

Let us begin by clarifying that neither of the above are mine.

We traveled to Pittsburgh (Go Steelers!) this weekend to celebrate my Grandmother-In-Law's 90th. I missed her 80th in lieu of my best friend's wedding, and was never quite forgiven. This time around, not only did I show up, but I wore a dress of hers from the 60's that I had shortened into a mini for the fiesta, so I think I'm finally back to even stevens.

My husband's grandmother rocks, by the way.

We stayed at a family friend's 60-acre horse farm about a mile out of the city. It was an incredible weekend, rolling up all of my favorite vacations into one. Their house, filled to the gills with pictures and trinkets from the hunt, reminded me of the best 30th birthday ever, with 13 of my friends in a beautiful, Flagler-designed musty, rambling house in downtown Palm Beach*; riding our friends' golf cart/tractor contraption around their property was reminiscient of riding the windy hills of Mustique (except this time, we had a muffler); and best of all, we had our son with us, who was equal parts enthralled with and petrified of their six horses, and he had an absolute blast.

Pittsburgh is a fabulous city. Old architecture, nice people, decent cultural activities. I grabbed a copy of their version of CapFile/DC/DCStyle/WL in the restaurant; it's called Whirl. I always say that DC has a population of about 250 people. If that's the case, Pittsburgh has about 125. Total small pond. I could handle that.

So back to shopping.

About a year ago, we were at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, and I spied a necklace that I've been OBSESSED with ever since-it was silver, and had individual letters that spelled out "15 Minutes of Fame." Went back this weekend and it was no longer there, but must find it. Or make it. No, find it. Because I've got other crafting priorities: I've got to learn to knit so I can make that cashmere A-line Pringle sweater that's in September Elle. Must have that sweater. Must.

Speaking of obsessions, after calling every Henry Beguelin store in the US and finally contacting their hq in Italy in search of my shoes, I got a call from Nancy at Relish saying that she can special order my shoes for me, but there's only a 50% chance that they'll come in. So fingers crossed.

All in all, a great weekend, indeed.

*Best 30th Birthday ever brought to you by the largesse of my sister's former husband, back in the time I like to refer to as the Gravy Train Era. Good times, those. Good times.

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DC Celine said...

H is taking me on my first Iron City trip Labor Day weekend...he's in love w/ the place. For a Philly girl, it aughta be interesting!