Sunday, August 13, 2006


I just found this in my drafts folder from last week...

Tagged by my favorite Aussie (who I was hoping to meet at the HH last week, but alas, husband and son with summer colds, and me with a case of the cold feet!):

Five things in my freezer: Russian chocolate, fresh bagels bought and sliced (I was feeling quite organized that morning), cilantro, vodka, ice cream sandwiches.

Five things in my closet: Ah, still unpackaged fall finds from NYC trip: Intermix high-waisted houndstooth pencil skirt w/wide patent belt, Steve Madden patent platforms*, black Habitual cords, fab Scoop dress with mirrored accents, plus an old as the hills kermit green really mod-looking Oscar dress purchased at a sample sale 20 million years ago that I can't WAIT to shorten into a mini to wear with black tights and patent heels a la Olsen twins in August Vogue (no, haven't put a lot of thought into that one...)

Five things in my car: Old cans of Slimfast, daily report cards from daycare, Prada shoes I ordered from Shop It To Me that weren't nearly as cool as the picture and must go back RIGHT NOW before my husband finds out I ordered them in the first place, August W (completely wrecked from reading it poolside today), tattered map of US (reminder that there was a point in my life when I used to camp across country with $40 to my name, and loved every last second of it).

Five things in my purse: Stamps, Armani lipstick, Isaac sunglasses (Target), lottery ticket, diagram of a friend's bong that I was going to sew a carrying satchel for (long story. Or maybe not.).

Five things in my wallet: Bank card for which I don't know the PIN** (lord help me if I ever get held up), Intermix discount card (schmuwack!), NM card, Random valet tickets, business card for Nic Simmons, GM of the Cotton House in Mustique (because someday I'm sending him a case of smokes and a bottle of good American bourbon in payment for the best vacation evereverever).

I tag thee DC Celine, Jurgen of ze Nation, CapHill Barbie.

*So, was ANYONE going to tell me that Steve Madden sells really really good knockoffs of Chloe shoes for about 1/5 the price? Anyone??

**Story: I had a meeting with Simon Doonan last year. Yes, THE Simon Doonan. I shit you not. He flew down here for it and everything. Just four of us. In a meeting. And one of us was Simon Frigging Doonan. Anyway, I was SO nervous and excited and petrified and holycrapcrapcrapitssimondoonan and all that on my way, I stopped at an ATM to get money and got to the machine and ttthhhhwoop--just like that--my PIN number left my brain, never to return. Gone. Yes, I was THAT nervous. And seriously, it's never returned. And I never remember to call to get a new card until, well, I need to get money from an ATM, when, you see, I can't do anything about it. Not smart, I know. But then again, if I had actually been smart and gotten a new card, I wouldn't be able to tell this story, now would I??

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