Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First Pahtay of the Season

...okay, the second, as KAC's bash was first (and me, home sick, missing it!!).

Tonight was the party at Cafe Milano to launch Fox's My Network TV. Special guest was Bo Derek.

I knew there was no way my husband was going to miss that action--and when we dropped off our son at our friends' house to watch him for the night, the husband was INSANELY jealous. I remember Bo being huge when we were young, but I guess I forgot that he was every 12 year old boy's fantasy.

So flash forward to 2006.

Like every celebrity evereverever**, she's shorter than I pictured. But she looked pretty good. You can tell that she's had a LOT of plastic surgery , but it's the good kind--like CZ-J's eye job. Well, maybe not THAT good, but she still looked hot.

Cafe Milano was like 8 KAZILLON DEGREES, and the crowd was kind of weird (it was like 20% the usual suspects, 80% Fox people, who were pretty random), but all in all, a good night.

Best of all, my husband had his picture taken with Ms. Derek herself--I swear, I thought he was going to faint.

**Ironically enough, the one celebrity who is taller than the rest: Bo Derek's boyfriend, John Corbett. He's like 6'6". I met him, randomly, at Bridgehampton Polo about 4 years ago, at the height of his Aidan fame. I was too shy to approach him at first. Three cocktails later, he was nearby and my friend Kimberly threw her dog at me and yelled, "Quick! Tell him that Winnie is a fan of Pete's!" (if you don't recall, Pete was his dog on SITC). Emboldened by vodka, I did just that.

He was completely kind, gracious, and quite chatty actually. But I was so flustered, he being Aidan and all, that I had NOTHING to say. Another moment with fame squandered.

P.S. Sorry, but I hate every picture of myself ever taken, hence the Photoshoppiness.


DC Celine said...

So what was the Milano/Fox crowd wearing? C'mon, fashionista, dish!

BabsieD said...

Nothing too fantastic to speak of; it was also so packed it was hard to tell.

Saks styled models for the event, but I missed them (although the stylist is a friend and she's a fashion genius, so we'll go ahead and assume they were splendid).

Bo was in a tan and lavender flowy, flowery number with 5" tan Choo boots. Lots of cute Intermix-y summer dresses about, that's about it.

Andrew said...

That sounds like fun! (except for the 8 million degrees part...) Thanks for letting the rest of us attend vicariously.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

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