Thursday, August 17, 2006

He Made It Work.

I try to stay away from blogging about Project Runway--better left to the experts, like DC Celine and Capitol Hill Barbie.

But Jeffrey was robbed. There, I said it. Yes, Michael kicks ass, and is going to win in the end. But a trump l'oiel belt? Genius. The color scheme? Never would have thought of it; in fact, thought it was heinous going in, but it completely worked. Construction: flawless. Fit: perfection. Something about it reminded me of Miguel Adrover's first runway show when he reconstructed Burberry.

Fine, he's a pain in the ass--not high-maintenance pain in the ass, but like the IT guy in your office that thinks, even though he wears a parka in the summer and has posters of computer codes all over his office, that he's cooler than everyone. And when you ask him for any help at all with anything, he bitches and moans and whines and complains. About doing. his. job. So like that.

But still. He was robbed.


DC Celine said...

I attempted to post this earlier, while in a meeting...apparently the concience gods stepped in and said "thou shalt not post to blogworld when you should be paying attention."

Babsie D - H is as infuriated as you are. He was ready to throw down w/ MK & Nina on their "has to be wearable" deal. I sorta agree. Loved what Jeffrey did - very talented. **AND** Michael is also talented. I was incensed at Jeffrey's "boring"-type comments about Michael's work. It was gorgeous (I would certainly walk off the runway wearing it, therefore it must be), though definitely not as innovative as Jeffrey's work of art.

NotCarrie said...

I just HATE that I don't get the channel PR is on:(