Monday, August 28, 2006

Ain't No Time to Hate, Barely Time to Wait

It's 9 p.m., and here is my to-do list for the night:
-Write and disseminate press release for upcoming event.
-Review mentoree (mentee?)'s resume (yes, I'm a mentor--how fab is that?)
-Write proposal for possible book tour (not for me, for someone else's book)
-Finish rather large glass of wine that's standing between me and computer (Frog's Leap Zin, 2005. Fabulous.)
-Get to sleep at reasonable hour because my new (day) job is Kicking. My. Ass.

So no time to blog. What I want to know-oh, where does the time go?

Okay, quick review of fall ads.
Dior: Thank goodness they're finally featuring actual clothing that I might actually want to wear. Those boots must be mine.
Michael Stars: Kudos. New campaign not only shows their t-shirts, but the lifestyle. Made me actually want to buy.
Donald Pliner: I know the woman who does their ads (or at least did last time I checked). And I totally admire her. But these ads suck. I know he's pretty much a nightmare to work with, and his shoes are pretty heinous, but still.
Chanel: Don't know how much those jeans cost. Don't care. Must own.
Banana Republic: Exactly how do they think that a spread featuring mediocre people wearing boring clothes is going to entice me--or anyone--into their stores?

Bonus: P.R. Ads
Loreal: People. Gotta switch up the scary guy showing how to apply foundation, famous makeup artist or not. And do you actually think that devotees of P.R. don't know how to apply foundation?
I.N.C. Ditto. Booooring 90's sundresses on a runway. Umm...not sure you realize this, but you paid a lot of cash to be a prime sponsor. Get it together. Study the audience, and present them with a product they might actually want.

...that's all I can think of at the moment, and I'm too busy to run upstairs to fetch. Love you. Mean it.


caphillbarbie said...

I totally second the votes on getting rid of those poo ads during Project Runway. Sooo tired of the fake fashion show, and I refuse to believe that L'Oreal only shot one ad with that makeup dude.

Also, do you mean the skinny Chanel jeans on the girl with the long coat and the flats? Because if so, YES!!

BabsieD said...

Those ads are HEINOUS!! Who would put those dresses on a runway??

And yes, yes, yes. Those jeans exactly. I thought my one pair of Superfines would cut it until I laid my eyes upon those...

NotCarrie said...

haha, I love the idea of wine between you and the computer.