Monday, October 02, 2006

The Calling

We went to Crafty Bastards on Sunday. 'Twas a beautiful day, and was great to be out, running around with our boy at the playground, checking out some neat crafts.* **

In the music pit, there was an act with which my son was ENTHRALLED: Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey. It consisted of a female/male duo, the man in monkey ears/hairpiece, both in full-on blue bodytights, hula hooping.

How exactly does one figure out that one's life calling is hula hooping?

It was a thought that stuck with me all day today, while I was working on a press release on my lunch hour, running from my office to go to a pitch meeting (which I won!), and rushing home to put together the rsvp list for Wednesday's event.

And then I realized that if my life's calling isn't working in p.r., which is what I'm doing in every waking hour that I'm not being a wife/mother/worker bee at my day job, and doing it just because I lovelovelove it...well then, I guess my life's calling is juggling.

*Although, seriously, people, how many artsy t-shirt vendors does there need to be at any one event? "Juried" usually means not only are the crafters of a certain caliber, but it usually also means that someone is minding the store when it comes to category counts, too. I'm a crafter myself, so I'm not knocking those who put themselves out there like that, I'm just saying that about 20 fewer would have been probably better for everyone, vendors included).

**Speaking of crafts, I'm taking a soap-making class at First Class the end of this month. Am convinced that I can maybe just give it ALL up and become the next Jo Malone. A little delusion with that coffee, madame?

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