Thursday, October 05, 2006

Behold the B

Last night:
...was kind of a blur because I had about 16 cosmos too many.
...was the premiere of the B bag, which I pulled out of its fabulous felt satchel, only to put a huge scratch across it, oh, about 30 seconds after putting it on my wrist.
...was an amazing group of about 200 women who I think had a pretty smashing time.
...that collection of fabulous women raised some serious dough for Suited for Change, which was the point of it all.
...I spent WAY too much money at Laura Mercier.
...I had a few random six degrees moments, including realizing that the new Saks p.r. person is my childhood best friend's really really great friend from college (got that?).
...I saw that Norah O'Donnell is as beautiful off camera as on. I hate when that happens.
...DC Celine made me believe in Estee once again. Because man, the woman at the Estee counter made her look COMPLETELY smokin'. me thinking about the very first Make Up Day I ever hosted, before fundraisers and everyone's lives got all kinds of crazy. I think (not 100%, but fairly certain, I may be missing someone) it was my friends Nicole, Aundrea, Kristen, Cindy and Rachel. All sitting around a table at Daily Grill after we were all made up to the hilt, digging through our NM Goodie Bags, having the most hilarious sex talk ever. And it was fabulous.* me thinking about how lucky I am to have found so many wonderful friends over the years. Love to all (sorry E:), plagarized that directly from you).

*That was also where I developed my obsession of using Kiehl's lip balm as table favors. Always a smash hit.


Carrie said...

My travel schedule for work has gotten in the way of my attendance to some seriously fabulous events and the fashionista and beauty freak in me is crying and pouting in the corner. Although rather loudly.

I'm so sorry that I missed this, but glad it was a great success. One of these days I'm going to catch up with you and DC Celine!

BabsieD said...

Absolutely!!! Next time you're out, just look for the fashionable, impeccably madeup redhead (DCC) and her shorter, not quite as fabulous counterpart, probably drinking a glass of champagne whilst flailing some new accessory about. Email me your street address (babsiedblog dot gmail dot com) and I'll put you on my invite list, too.

E :) said...

That's ok. You referenced my phrase which makes it totally cool ;)

DC Celine said...

You're making me blush...;-) Lordy! a girl could think she's something w/ a publicist like the accessory-flailing (it was fabulous!) Babsie D around...

Carrie, I second the "one of these days..."

NotCarrie said...

What fun!

And I LOVE Kiehls!