Monday, October 30, 2006

BabsieD: Big Talker

So in response to DCCeline's "so where did you go?" question, and in response to my own "so many events for fabulous me to go to because I'm just such a busybusy girl blahblahblah..."

Here's where I went last week:


And I had the best damn time doing it.

Thursday: made it as far as Peacock for cocktails with my friend B2. Laughed my ass off. Caught up by actually making eye contact and speaking in full sentences--you know, like normal people do with their friends (which I just haven't made enough time for as of late, save for text messages and 30-second phone convos). Such a good catch up. And Peacock nachos rock.

Friday: Lunch with my friend M. at Rasika. (But wait--before you click that link, be warned--it could possibly be the most annoying website EVER). Fried spinach (Palak Choat) to die for, and company to match--the perfect antidote to a dreary rainy day. I was feeling rather schlumpy that morning, and threw on my Casual Friday finest--J. Crew camouflage pants, black cashmere crewneck, ballet flats (at least they were Chanel, so it was only 80% schlumpy). I looked up from my hot tea out the window and saw M. crossing the street-black cape, incredible bag, hair perfect--a vision even in the rain. She's just one of those people who always looks fabulous.

Saturday: soapmaking class. Yes, laugh if you will, but it's always been a goal of mine. What did I learn? 1.) I'm not making soap until my child is about 18, because lye (1/2 of soap), can kill you. The teacher started off with a horror story about a 2-year old. So that ended that fantasy. 2.) "Triple-milled" soap is a process by which they squeeze all the glycerin out of the soap (thrice, in case you haven't figured out that piece of rocket science). So that actually makes the soap more drying. Verdict: apparently my $50 box of Jo Malone Sandalwood soap is bad for me. Oh well, it still smells better than anything on the planet (save for Laura Mercier creme brulee). 3.) Actually there is no #3--that's pretty much all I learned.

Also, lap at Storehouse. They keep lowering their prices, their selection keeps getting worse. I was hoping to find my dream living room couch right at the intersection of Dirt Cheap and Perfect Shade of Golden Tan, but I don't think it's going to happen. I did score a copy of Chanel and Her World (normally $60, got it for $30) and a few copies of Nasty by Simon Doonan (fabulous man and his book is a hilarious read--will make a great stocking stuffer).

Sunday: neighborhood Halloween parade. Yes, take a moment to revel in the astounding cuteness that is my boy and his cohorts:

My son tried to out-stubborn me, but he keeps forgetting that I'm actually the one that taught him stubborn. So the fish costume was going on, dammit. He's looking down in the picture out of protest (since he's wearing a full-on fish, but his one best friend's Thomas the Tank costume was too long so he got a pass after a few minutes, and his other BFF did full-on stubborn and won. So my boy was just a little pissed.

Monday: Well, worked my tail off for starters. Then put a few touches on my upcoming event (SOOOO excited to blab about it, just can't quite yet), then off for cocktails at Firefly with The Liquid Muse, in from her new home out west for a few days. Tried to be cool and order the house drink (when you're out with TLM, you can't just order wine!), had exactly one sip of the Firefly Punch. WAY too rummy. But Michael, the new G.M., brought us over some INCREDIBLE yummies (holy truffle fries--those things are crack), and some sort of Apple Brandy concoction, which was quite deliciouso.

All in all, a perfect stretch spent with people I love.


Anonymous said...

can you weblink a rsvp to your blog to some of these events? they sound great

DC Celine said...

The best kind of week, my dear. Sounds perfectly lovely. Especially the 80% schlumpy casual Friday outfit. said...

I am honored that I got to be on your to-do list! It has been way too long, dear friend!!