Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's gettin' kinda hectic...

As if my life could be any busier (met with builder at 7:30 this a.m., work is crazy busy today and everyday, getting ready to head out again next week on travel...) there's just a plethora of things to do tonight!
1.) Premiere of Corteo (Cirque de Soleil) at the Convention Center. Babysitter just bailed, so we had to bag it. My husband: not all that disappointed, but I was looking forward to checking it out.
2.) InStyle/Bulgari party at Bulgari in Chevy Chase (6-8 pm, rsvp to 888.266.1686 x7) . Think I may stop by after meeting my fave girl B2 for a drinkie poo at Peacock...
3.) Avant-Ski Party at Saks @ the Galleria (Tysons). Featuring winter fashions of Moncler, Postcard and Authier. Benefits Suited for Change. (6-8 pm, rsvp to
4.) Knock Out Abuse Shopping Event @ Ralph Lauren in Chevy Chase (also 6-8). Shop. See. Be Seen.

...I think that's it for tonight (but isn't that enough?).

It almost makes me not want to tell you about my next two INCREDIBLE events coming up...actually, I can't. Not yet. But tentatively hold Wednesday, 11/29 and Tuesday, 12/12 open. Besides that, I'm mum (though bursting at the seams to blab!).

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DC Celine said...

So did you go anywhere? Idea: sytle-fabulous & kid friendly events. Would solve the babysitter cancellation issue like that!