Saturday, December 02, 2006


Thursday, after not quite recovering from Wednesday (head hangover, mental exhaustion plus feet hangover from wearing the most fabulous-looking but heinous-wearing 5" patent platforms), it was time to head out for another night.

M2 came over, looking fabulous as ever in her vintage flapper dress* she bought from the Alex event the night before. Me: oh, I thought I'd be fine by wearing the World's Most Uncomfortable Heels again for another night. IDIOT.

First, off to the OnLokation event at T Street Flats. It wasn't bad, better than I expected, although I think her business model needs to be tweaked a bit. Either it should be a free, invite-only event with focus on sponsors and exhibitors, or a ticketed event that is more of a scene. It's hard to do both--very hard. But I think this was their second event, and attendance was not bad, although the bar could have been much better. The space: much better than it looks from the outside, strange smells and bad front entrance aside. It could really be transformed into a great space for the right event.

Speaking to T Street Flats developer Chip Ellis at the event, he told of their ambitious plans--beautiful condo spaces, lots of bottom floor retail, terraces above with views of Washington from every angle--and dear god, the location could not be better. Renovations start this spring.

Next, off to the CapFile anniversary party. Packed to the gills with a few celebs (Fran Drescher, Iman) thrown in for effect. Could have made HUGE points with the fam by scoring a picture with The Nanny, but no luck. It was a beautiful space, albeit acoustically challenged. Food: excellent. Bar: stocked. Scene: the usual suspects, but everyone looked fabulous. A solid event all around.

About 10:00, my feet Could. Not. Take. It. Anymore. So I left M2 to head to the afterparty at Posh, and headed home to catch a bit of rest before my big day.

*Note: all of the remaining vintage from the event is still at Alex, through the end of this week. Get in there and check it out while you can!


b2 said...

Blind item: what recent birthday partier who goes by the nickname Blossom needs to blog about her fabulous non-speed limit soiree whereupon she got many gifts, most notably more Potion X for her not-even-close-to-being-raisinesque forehead?

BabsieD said...

I swear, as soon as I get like 10 minutes...