Saturday, December 02, 2006

So First Things First...

Haute for the Holidays: What a great night. Attendance was smashing, everyone had fun, lots of new faces at Alex (all of which hopefully found their perfect holiday frocks!). Fabulous goodie bags including bottles of Snow Queen vodka, R. Nichols notecards, Graham Webb Halo shampoo & conditioner, Altoids, and the first edition of the Alex Stylette (you may be able to get one if you stop in and ask nicely!).

The vintage couture brought in for the event was truly phenomenal. It was worth it just to come and walk through the fashion history stored on those racks. Amazing.

The Vogue book and Jaanu diamond pendant were both raffled off to incredibly happy winners--and all proceeds went to Labels for Love and Suited for Change, which was just the icing on the cake.

So for all of you who came out, thanks!


Anonymous said...

what is the "alex stylette"?

BabsieD said...

Ah, here you are. Sorry.

The Alex Stylette is a guide we wrote up highlighting some under-the-radar designers, tips on buying and tailoring vintage, even a great cocktail recipe from The Liquid Muse. Email me your mailing address and I'll be happy to stick one in the mail to you.