Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And...I'm back.

Sorry, a rather wide detour from vapidity, that. Happens.


Headed over to Hair Lounge on Wisconsin today (rather pathetic that I couldn't figure out where it was until they explained "Um, it's right near Good Guys?" and then I totally got it). Anyway, beautiful space, nice guys, and their catch is that their team is incredibly well versed on color. Like phenomenally so.

"Launch" party on January 11, worth at least popping in to get a peek. (Quotes because they've been open for a few months, but are just starting to get out there).

Speaking of hair, whilst trying to get a bit organized for a few big moves coming up in the next few weeks (including a total renovation and add-on to our house that we're completely unprepared for--YIKES!), I came across a stash of beauty products that I forgot about. And that totally rock.

First and foremost, Graham Webb Vivid Color conditioner. I've never found anything in any price range that works better than Pantene (especially since getting the Japanese straightening earlier this year) until now. Every day since I started using it I've gotten a hair compliment. Every single day.

Also discovered my stash of Pat Wexler products--promptly threw out everything but her Microdermabrasion scrub and her Face Wash. Never want to endure the PW Pox again; these two, however, are definitely the stars in the lineup.

Then--AND THEN--I found a whole bag of Laura Mercier bath products, bought while a weeee bit buzzed at Wild About Beauty this fall (I think I was hiding them so my husband wouldn't see the huge trove I bought). Score! So if you are in a crowd and someone just absolutely stinks like yellow cake batter, that would be me and my 18 layers of Creme Brulee. Just an FYI.


Anonymous said...

do you have a date for the next sample sale?

BabsieD said...

Not yet, but soon (do you really think I could have kept my trap shut about that if it was set?).

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Where is a pic of you and your new color??