Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Seriously, is it really only Tuesday?

Sunday night: the Zinzi Christmas Party (aka The Bartender's Ball) at the Grand Hyatt. About a thousand people, the place was PACKED. And smoky. Ensembles were Over. The. Top. I have never seen so many dresses cut to the navel in Washington. Or maybe ever. Music was surprising--80's dance music--I would have expected it to be a bit more cutting edge. I had no idea that there were that many bartenders in Washington (just when I think this city is really small...).

Monday, freshly hungover: dinner at Mendocino Grille. My first time there--and it was fabulous. Great food, good wine list (although service was mediocre)--it just seems like there aren't that many decent restaurants in Georgetown, at least proportional to the seemingly hundreds of restaurants that are packed in there. Up for discussion: the DSS. Details to follow...

Today: lunch at Milano. Spotted: Bill Frist, big ol' Tiffany Box in tow, Henry Kissinger, milling about.

Tonight: holiday party for the Smithsonian Channel at the Castle. I'm sure I've been called "highly inappropriate" before, but never have been told it to my face. So that was interesting.*

So what have we learned?
-Tina Alster's incredible new skincare store, Skin Couture, will be opening near 14th and K within the next few months (her practice will also be located in the building).
-Nora O'Donnell: pregnant. With twins.
-Phillipe Cousteau: dating one of Washington's most beautiful women--for the past year. Who knew? (Perhaps everyone).
-Me: highly inappropriate (at least according to Smithsonian staffers for attempting to take the above picture).


Anonymous said...

Tina's office is being relocated. It opens the first week in Jan.

DC Celine said...

Congratulations to Geoff & Nora!

Erin said...

Highly innapropriate in 2007... sounds like a New Year's resolution if I ever heard one.

Pamela DC said...


Anonymous said...

Pamela - He probably told you he was single. Who cares? He's an idiot. I'm sorry you guys fell for it.

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Inappropriate is always good, darling. Screw politically correct convention. Your fabulous feet (and shoes) should be on display at the Smithsonian. (Perhaps the staffers are jealous...)

BabsieD said...

Anon: Yes, you are correct. She's opening a retail component as well which has huge potential.
DCC, Erin & TLM: xoxo. Looking forward to a highly inappropriate 2007 with all of you!
PDC/Anon2: Just reporting that which I've heard from a reputable source. I'm told that they're not official, but it's been a year in the making. And your blog is fabulous. You're the Suzy of DC (no shocker there), which we've desperately needed!