Friday, December 15, 2006

Things to remember

-If you find the career that you'd do for free, if not for your mortgage and your car and your need to provide square meals for dependents*, then you should figure out a way to do it. Even if you can't do it, say, by 5 p.m. today.
-There will always be an eager beaver 26-year old out nipping at your heels looking to do your job on the cheap.
-Eventually they'll be 36 and figure it out for themselves. Karma from when they (okay, you) were 26.
-Not everyone will understand the value of "not cheap." It's your job to explain your value, but don't be pissed when they still don't understand. Cheap is pretty tempting.
-In the end, rejection, especially if provided with feedback, can be incredibly helpful.
-You may even find yourself consoling yourself over a big fat bottle of Chianti at a remote Italian restaurant reconnecting with the husband you've basically ignored in the midst of all of your hard work. Hypothetically.

*and Botox and LaMer and the occasional B Bag for yourself--but hell, those are even worth giving up for a short while in pursuit of a long term goal. Wow. I just typed that--and meant it. Yikes.

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Anonymous said...

Babe- also remember this- its a big karmic world out there and you are a great and wonderfully talented individual so somewhere, perhaps over Kansas, there is a positive karmic cloud coming your way. Keep your eyes towards the west!