Monday, October 30, 2006

BabsieD: Big Talker

So in response to DCCeline's "so where did you go?" question, and in response to my own "so many events for fabulous me to go to because I'm just such a busybusy girl blahblahblah..."

Here's where I went last week:


And I had the best damn time doing it.

Thursday: made it as far as Peacock for cocktails with my friend B2. Laughed my ass off. Caught up by actually making eye contact and speaking in full sentences--you know, like normal people do with their friends (which I just haven't made enough time for as of late, save for text messages and 30-second phone convos). Such a good catch up. And Peacock nachos rock.

Friday: Lunch with my friend M. at Rasika. (But wait--before you click that link, be warned--it could possibly be the most annoying website EVER). Fried spinach (Palak Choat) to die for, and company to match--the perfect antidote to a dreary rainy day. I was feeling rather schlumpy that morning, and threw on my Casual Friday finest--J. Crew camouflage pants, black cashmere crewneck, ballet flats (at least they were Chanel, so it was only 80% schlumpy). I looked up from my hot tea out the window and saw M. crossing the street-black cape, incredible bag, hair perfect--a vision even in the rain. She's just one of those people who always looks fabulous.

Saturday: soapmaking class. Yes, laugh if you will, but it's always been a goal of mine. What did I learn? 1.) I'm not making soap until my child is about 18, because lye (1/2 of soap), can kill you. The teacher started off with a horror story about a 2-year old. So that ended that fantasy. 2.) "Triple-milled" soap is a process by which they squeeze all the glycerin out of the soap (thrice, in case you haven't figured out that piece of rocket science). So that actually makes the soap more drying. Verdict: apparently my $50 box of Jo Malone Sandalwood soap is bad for me. Oh well, it still smells better than anything on the planet (save for Laura Mercier creme brulee). 3.) Actually there is no #3--that's pretty much all I learned.

Also, lap at Storehouse. They keep lowering their prices, their selection keeps getting worse. I was hoping to find my dream living room couch right at the intersection of Dirt Cheap and Perfect Shade of Golden Tan, but I don't think it's going to happen. I did score a copy of Chanel and Her World (normally $60, got it for $30) and a few copies of Nasty by Simon Doonan (fabulous man and his book is a hilarious read--will make a great stocking stuffer).

Sunday: neighborhood Halloween parade. Yes, take a moment to revel in the astounding cuteness that is my boy and his cohorts:

My son tried to out-stubborn me, but he keeps forgetting that I'm actually the one that taught him stubborn. So the fish costume was going on, dammit. He's looking down in the picture out of protest (since he's wearing a full-on fish, but his one best friend's Thomas the Tank costume was too long so he got a pass after a few minutes, and his other BFF did full-on stubborn and won. So my boy was just a little pissed.

Monday: Well, worked my tail off for starters. Then put a few touches on my upcoming event (SOOOO excited to blab about it, just can't quite yet), then off for cocktails at Firefly with The Liquid Muse, in from her new home out west for a few days. Tried to be cool and order the house drink (when you're out with TLM, you can't just order wine!), had exactly one sip of the Firefly Punch. WAY too rummy. But Michael, the new G.M., brought us over some INCREDIBLE yummies (holy truffle fries--those things are crack), and some sort of Apple Brandy concoction, which was quite deliciouso.

All in all, a perfect stretch spent with people I love.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

And then...

..tomorrow, before heading out to the CF party with Lorraine Bracco @ Posh, be sure to visit The Purse Store online for 25% off non sale items (use code Shoe25) and an extra 20% off sale items (use code ShoeSale). They carry Loeffler Randall, Lambertson Truex, Bettye Muller and about 20 other designers, so it's worth checking out (note: it's a 2-day sale which ends Saturday).

It's gettin' kinda hectic...

As if my life could be any busier (met with builder at 7:30 this a.m., work is crazy busy today and everyday, getting ready to head out again next week on travel...) there's just a plethora of things to do tonight!
1.) Premiere of Corteo (Cirque de Soleil) at the Convention Center. Babysitter just bailed, so we had to bag it. My husband: not all that disappointed, but I was looking forward to checking it out.
2.) InStyle/Bulgari party at Bulgari in Chevy Chase (6-8 pm, rsvp to 888.266.1686 x7) . Think I may stop by after meeting my fave girl B2 for a drinkie poo at Peacock...
3.) Avant-Ski Party at Saks @ the Galleria (Tysons). Featuring winter fashions of Moncler, Postcard and Authier. Benefits Suited for Change. (6-8 pm, rsvp to
4.) Knock Out Abuse Shopping Event @ Ralph Lauren in Chevy Chase (also 6-8). Shop. See. Be Seen.

...I think that's it for tonight (but isn't that enough?).

It almost makes me not want to tell you about my next two INCREDIBLE events coming up...actually, I can't. Not yet. But tentatively hold Wednesday, 11/29 and Tuesday, 12/12 open. Besides that, I'm mum (though bursting at the seams to blab!).

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

There is something to be said

I sometimes see my single friends and get a little pang. Not of regret, not at all, just of the thought of what a different life it would be. A life with no check-ins, no 7 a.m. weekend wakeups, no mortgage. It's a life different than mine, no better. Maybe sometimes.

But there is something to be said...
For having someone who roots for you no matter what--because deep in their hearts they want nothing--nothing--more than for you to be happy.

For having someone who can tell you the absolute truth--but knows exactly how to deliver it and that it varies depending on subject, mood, hunger level, or whether it's partly cloudy with a slight eastern wind.

Someone who, even when they're MADMADMAD, still can stop and say I love you--and mean it.

Who gets Tory and Habitual logos confused--yes, who studies your closet enough to notice these things.

Who calls your friend with incredible style to help him pick out three things you can't live without--and be dead on.

Who, when you come home with something utterly ridiculous--like, for example, a Balenciaga B Bag, rolls his eyes, half asks whether you're really keeping it, but knows the answer and doesn't really complain.

Who lets you watch Love, Actually whenever it comes on, no matter where it is in the story line (with the exception of during Steelers games).

Who when you've gotten in way over your head, stops what he's doing and pitches in--from handpainting your wedding programs eleven years ago to licking envelopes for charity.

Whose love for your child is so great, and parenting skills so amazing, that you can't imagine a more powerful bond between father and son.

Lucky, lucky, lucky me.

Happy anniversary, love. Thank you for a wonderful life.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Holiday Hoorah!

Today is one of my favorite shopping days of the year--it's the premiere of the God's Love We Deliver Holiday Catalog!

While this year's catalog doesn't have as many beauty items as years past, there are some great finds, like: the above-pictured Michael Kors Metallic Clutch; fun cards from Jonathan Adler, Ruben Toledo and William Ivey Long; interesting books (including Classic Greenwich Style, a great coffee table tome); and lots more including an auction featuring Blahnik, Ferragamo and lunch with Mario Buatta*! Best of all, all proceeds go directly to getting people suffering from HIV/AIDS the meals and medicine they desperately need.

Tip: if you click on the "shop all items" icon, you'll see a somewhat different selection of items than if you click on each of the individual categories, including sale items from last year's catalog (last year I gave the Burberry garden apron--a steal now for $39.99--and it was a HUGE hit, and the Lilly Pulitzer placemats and napkins for just 24 smackers for a set of four are perfect for the Lilly lover in your life!).

Happy shopping!

*Do note, however, that the auction items ALWAYS go for lots more than their estimated values. But it's always fun to feel like an upper east side doyenne by bidding on a few anyway!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Okay, so less deep

In case you missed tonight's event with my FAVE boutique, Alex. (aside: don't know if you've seen the lastest issue of DC magazine, but the editorial and an article are all about Alex and its owner, Liberty. And every word of it is true. She's as nice as she is fashionable. And she has one of the best eyes for fashion I've ever seen), and in case you didn't make it over to the Splurgetini fest, there's still more on the docket...

Thursday, October 19: The second of the Thursday Four Seasons parties, this one featuring Valise. Capitol File is now behind it, so the crowd should be much better. And any event serving up the bubbly can't be bad!

Me: I'll be in Chicago freezing my tail off and thinking of you all.



...tis more than a heinous religious elementary school whose hypocritical teachings could scar one for life.
...and it's also apparently more than a bad Britney movie.*

because I happen to find myself right in the midst of one.

And here I sit. Not knowing what to do.

You see, my friends, I've just had the busiest week of just about my whole life. Day job is getting to be a real pressure cooker, and the workload, if I'm to make a real go of it, is all-encompassing. And that's before you add in the heinous travel schedule.

My night job: a smashing press lunch last week for my current client. I'm my worst critic when it comes to these things, but I'm incredibly proud of the work I've done. And I loved everyeveryevery second of it. Loved it.

And I had a pitch meeting last week that could be the start of something big--and I think could be mine if I want it.

But the new client could, no, probably will be all-encompassing. Very, very demanding. Not enough pay to leave the day job, but a huge head start. But potentially an explosive situation (I'd be working with someone from said client who, from what I've heard, is volatile AT BEST). So it could jeopardize my day job. And it could make me quite miserable. But it could also be one more step in the dream I've been killing myself for, well, for two years perpetually, for about 10 years fairly seriously.

And meanwhile, on the home front, waits the best husband in the universe. Literally. Who desperately wants another playmate for our son. And while I'm ambivalent about it at times, I realize that the window isn't all that wide. And my son rocks. And I don't want him to be alone. And I've been getting the pangs lately, I will admit.

And that last choice means a vote for security, and 401ks and health insurance and maternity leave and paid sick days and all the bigpeopleresponsible things that come with it. Not a vote for the dream. But perhaps for something bigger. But then perhaps I'm not cut out to be a "mom" mom, which, I think once you're in charge of a brood, is what's needed. I think they--kids, husband, all, would deserve it.

So here I sit. Not knowing what to do.

*It is, also, a kickass Clapton song, box set and benefit concert. So there's that.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Behold the B

Last night:
...was kind of a blur because I had about 16 cosmos too many.
...was the premiere of the B bag, which I pulled out of its fabulous felt satchel, only to put a huge scratch across it, oh, about 30 seconds after putting it on my wrist.
...was an amazing group of about 200 women who I think had a pretty smashing time.
...that collection of fabulous women raised some serious dough for Suited for Change, which was the point of it all.
...I spent WAY too much money at Laura Mercier.
...I had a few random six degrees moments, including realizing that the new Saks p.r. person is my childhood best friend's really really great friend from college (got that?).
...I saw that Norah O'Donnell is as beautiful off camera as on. I hate when that happens.
...DC Celine made me believe in Estee once again. Because man, the woman at the Estee counter made her look COMPLETELY smokin'. me thinking about the very first Make Up Day I ever hosted, before fundraisers and everyone's lives got all kinds of crazy. I think (not 100%, but fairly certain, I may be missing someone) it was my friends Nicole, Aundrea, Kristen, Cindy and Rachel. All sitting around a table at Daily Grill after we were all made up to the hilt, digging through our NM Goodie Bags, having the most hilarious sex talk ever. And it was fabulous.* me thinking about how lucky I am to have found so many wonderful friends over the years. Love to all (sorry E:), plagarized that directly from you).

*That was also where I developed my obsession of using Kiehl's lip balm as table favors. Always a smash hit.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Quote Du Jour

If a girl wears an outfit to a party but no one photographs it, was it ever really worn?* **
* Answer = no.
**Justification for wearing the exact same outfit I wore to the Diddy party. Well, outfit plus my B Bag, of course!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Calling

We went to Crafty Bastards on Sunday. 'Twas a beautiful day, and was great to be out, running around with our boy at the playground, checking out some neat crafts.* **

In the music pit, there was an act with which my son was ENTHRALLED: Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey. It consisted of a female/male duo, the man in monkey ears/hairpiece, both in full-on blue bodytights, hula hooping.

How exactly does one figure out that one's life calling is hula hooping?

It was a thought that stuck with me all day today, while I was working on a press release on my lunch hour, running from my office to go to a pitch meeting (which I won!), and rushing home to put together the rsvp list for Wednesday's event.

And then I realized that if my life's calling isn't working in p.r., which is what I'm doing in every waking hour that I'm not being a wife/mother/worker bee at my day job, and doing it just because I lovelovelove it...well then, I guess my life's calling is juggling.

*Although, seriously, people, how many artsy t-shirt vendors does there need to be at any one event? "Juried" usually means not only are the crafters of a certain caliber, but it usually also means that someone is minding the store when it comes to category counts, too. I'm a crafter myself, so I'm not knocking those who put themselves out there like that, I'm just saying that about 20 fewer would have been probably better for everyone, vendors included).

**Speaking of crafts, I'm taking a soap-making class at First Class the end of this month. Am convinced that I can maybe just give it ALL up and become the next Jo Malone. A little delusion with that coffee, madame?