Friday, May 18, 2007

Celebration of Vodka

Last night, headed to the Whitman Walker Clinic Gala, "A Celebration of Life."

So for starters, I was fairly decked: Carmen Marc Valvo tie-dyed beaded scarf dress, alligator Blahniks, good jewelry. But still, save for the woman wearing a knee-length black skirt, black panty hose and mules to the black-tie gala, I felt like the worst dressed person in the room. That was just fabulous x 500.

The VIP room: lots of money, no one I recognized save for Will Thomas (it was pretty crowded, though). Met some fab folks, bumped into a few friends. Event was catered by Ellen at Occasions (get Ellen to run your next event and you will not be disappointed. I use her for EVERYTHING).

Next, while driving home, passed Alex and saw some balloons at their door. Headed in to a fun party--a launch party for local design company Iky Clothing. Tried on and couldn't pass up the CUTEST lightweight wool grey dress from a French designer whose name escapes me, so we'll just call them French Frencherson.

Spring events season is in full swing!

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Anonymous said...

Juliette Longuet? Wink has a big selection of her dresses. Very cute!